Confused about Dior Gaucho sizing!

  1. I am confused about Dior gaucho sizing -- there seems to be a mini, medium, two handle tote, and a large? But then there are also a couple of sizes where the bag is divided into two parts? I'm a total dior newbie, so help and pics would be appreciated!!! Thank youuu!!! :tup:

    Also, of the medium and tote, is it the single or double that is on sale. TIA.
  2. Can someone please I.D. the sizes on these two bags please -- one is Kate Moss's and the other is the red gaucho. Is Kate Moss's the one that is currently on sale? I wish I could go try these bags on, but I'm out of the country. :sad:
    redcroc_gaucho_Mc.jpg gaucho1.jpg
  3. check out this link you have all the possible sizes i think here, with pics and exact dimensions...good luck ! ;)

    Kate Moss is carrying what they describe as a gaucho small tote bag, and the red gaucho from your pic looks to me like a gaucho medium saddle bag :tup:
  4. thanks Nataliam1976!! Do you know if these styles are the ones currently on sale? I'm afraid i'll order it, and find out i ordered the wrong one. lol.
  5. A whole bunch more photos of various gauchos -- can someone please ID their sizes for me? I'm going to send my bf on a hunt for the red one once I figure out what size I want. :p

    Also, are some of these saddle bags, not gauchos?
    mischa106.jpg 71.jpg 52.jpg smallergaucho.jpg lindsay2.JPG
  6. and one last one...
    Thanks everyone!!! I :heart: Dior Pfers!!! :love:
  7. All the pictures are of Gauchos. I believe the red is on sale in all sizes in the US. I have a black double gaucho and love it.

    Mischa - small gaucho
    Sienna - double gaucho
    Middle pic (white gaucho) - medium gaucho
    Paris - Small tote
    Lindsey - Double gaucho

  8. small tote - but, looks really sunken in for some reason. The totes are a little harder to wear on the shoulder. I bought a red one and returned it for this reason.

  9. 'cuz i think she's only holding the front handle/strap... let go of the other.. that's why it's pulling upward the front of the bag.. and no support on the back
  10. all sizes are on sale. but in SF there are no mini/small totes on sale (sold out of leather, only denim remains... dior on stockton claims only 1 left for denim mini. ok i lied, there might be a small red tote .. i see in my pix lol.. but duno if it's sold or not)

    i wouldve loved another mini :smile:
  11. The red and blue gaucho is on sale different sizes. I bought the same red gaucho (1st pic above). It's 50% off plus tax at SF Bloomies.
  12. I thought Mischa had the mini?
  13. The red one is indeed a medium saddle bag. It's fake though.