confused about copper, oxidized copper & Platino Ossidato BV bags


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Dec 23, 2009
Hi BV experts, i'm totally new to BV bags and have yet to own one.

recently BV bags have really caught my attention when i come across pics of the Platino Ossidato cabats & those hobo bags with oxidized copper leather. i've also seen a copper deerskin cervo bag on the internet and have not stopped thinking about it since... these bags are out of this world! :nuts:

however, what i'm really confused about is, are all these bags considered the same? can i still get them from the BV boutiques?

i'm sorry again for asking such noob questions and i'm also hoping to find out if PO leather comes in other styles apart from the lovely cabats?

TIA :flowers:


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Mar 18, 2007
Hello, misstuberose! You too must have gotten under a BV metallic spell. There are so many of them that we all get confused sometimes.;)

Platino Ossidato is originally from S/S 08, but the PO Cabats are still out there at some boutiques. The PO totes seem available at the outlets now. A couple of pics of PO style bags are posted here also.

Copper is from Resort 08/09 and also S/S 09, and has quite a few variations like;
- Non-metallic Copper
- Copper Specchio (goat skin) --- shiny but not metallic
- Oxidized Copper --- metallic and antique looking with greenish oxidization
- Metallic Copper
- Copper Armatura / Rame.

If you haven't, check out the colour reference threads, especially the metallic colour family.


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Sep 27, 2007
Mid-- That Metallic colour family thread is dangerous and beautiful at the same time...I just love metallics...there are so MANY beauties on that thread...thanks, for the reference...I REALLY enjoyed it..


luv her to bits :)
Dec 23, 2009
thanks so much Mid- :flowers:, and yes, i'm still very much spellbound until i asked for the price at my local boutique, no way i could fork out this amt of $$ to buy a bag!!! hmmm...

i'm still very much amazed by the pics i saw, they are simply so beautiful & elegant & yet suitable for daily use (referring to PO cabat). i'll surely "stalk" PO cabat owners if i ever see it and ask for permission to touch it... :blush: so beware :greengrin:

and thanks for complimenting my furkid :smile:
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