Confused about Cartier Ballon Bleu...**new pics**

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  1. If the rumors about them not keeping time with the automatics are true, yes. But I won't be getting one of these for like 4 more years if ever.
  2. My BB was gaining quite a bit of time (an extra minute or so per day). I took it to get recalibrated and it keeps perfect time now. I don't think you can generalise that they don't keep time... I've read on some watch forums that people have issues with their Rolexes keeping time, but I wouldn't generalise that those watches are unreliable!
  3. I like the 33 best on your wrist
  4. I like the 28 for the BB with Romans. I like the black leather tank more than the brown leather tank which seems to have too big of a face, swallows your whole wrist. I would also be swayed by that price difference between the 28 and 33, it's like a whole extra 1k. Unless you think you will have buyers remorse then I'd go for the 28.

    Just wanted to add Ferdi the 33 looks gorgeous on you and St.Mary the 28 looks lovely on you especially coupled with your Love.
  5. I just stared the pictures again and I think the 28 really looks beautiful on you. It looks like the right size to me, you seem to have a dainty wrist.
  6. Thank you all for your input!!! It's been very interesting to see which watch you all prefer!

    Thank you for your input, yes that's def a huge factor, if I wanted automatic the difference would be more than 15k... And if the consensus is there isn't too much of a difference between sizes, I'm wondering if I should stick to the 28. The gold tank has it's allure, especially because I like the unique scallops of the gold band if I were to ever buy it.

    As Candice said the SS bb has a more clean and modern approach.

    Even though I am of average height, I'm very dainty in size, and have noticed that even regular sized items wear me instead of me wearing the piece, and I don't want that to happen to me again.

    Thinking about my taste in jewelry, I would want a watch that would be interchangeable between an assorted VCA rose gold/pave collection and the current Cartier collection I'm building of the love, trinity and panthere, so I'm starting to stray away from the 33. I have the nagging feeling that it wears me instead of wearing the watch, and I can wear on my other hand 3-6 bracelets (thin but still a stack) so it might be too much to also have a large watch on my hand... If they had an inbetween size I would be sold, especially if it were in quartz. I still really like the tank and I'll try it again because I have always wanted a gold Cartier watch or the gold face and a band from Cartier. Unfortunately seeing the gold BBs have made me lust for a rose gold watch lol. Please keep the input coming, I know I have a lifetime of watches coming my way, but I really don't plan on starting a watch collection any time soon, so I really want to put all stock into this watch as if this was going to be my only one . Also I'm worried the watch face will be too heavy and uncomfortable for me since I would take off my Michele caber when I would study.

    Please keep the input coming! It's very helpful!
  7. Ditto. Although you seem to be leaning towards the 28mm so I think you should go with what makes your heart sing.

  8. That and the fact that the 33 is automatic Is why I haven't committed 100% to the 28 watch, I keep thinking it looks smaller in the picture because it was higher on my wrist, maybe I am due for a second visit to see the differences.

  9. Do you wear your watch with evening wear as well?
  10. Thank you for thinking I might have reason to go out in "the evening", lol!

    Really though, 90% of my Saturday nights are my husband, 8 year old and I going for an early dinner, home by 8.

    I usually do wear it if DH and I got for a "fancy dinner" though.
  11. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I don't seen to be able to post a new thread. I am looking to get this watch as a surprise for my wife for Christmas. She is fairly small at 5'2" with what I guess would be considered normal sized wrists. She doesn't like anything too flashy. Would your recommendation be getting the 33mm or 36mm Cartier BB? Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. I would go with the 33mm because I think its classic, still makes a statement! many ladies here love the 36 but i'm not a huge fan of oversized watches and if your wife is 5'2 I think the 33 will look really nice on her stature :smile:

  13. If she's not flashy, I would def go with the's the perfect size IMO, large but not huge! Has nice wrist presence! Very sweet surprise!
  14. Terrific, thanks for the help. I went with the 33mm.

  15. Congrats! She will LOVE it!
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