Confused about Cartier Ballon Bleu...**new pics**

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    Here are fuzzy modeling pics

  2. That's a very good point, im about 5 5, petite, 0, but curvy with delicate features. I love your watch and how you stack your Cartier pieces together. The 33 made a statement but I'm wondering due to my build if it was overwhelming in a sense? The sales associate said my build didn't matter and that wearing that size would say I'm a "super confident woman who knows her style" lol which clearly does not help me at all
  3. I think I like the 33 better but really the 28 which i think is too small also looks great on you. I personally don't like the diamond markers because my fav thing about this watch is the Roman numerals
  4. I personally like the 33 on you. The smaller size lacks presence. I like the larger Roman Numerals on the 33 also.

  5. I'm the almost same height as you (an inch shorter, slender frame) and honestly I think the 28 would be most versatile. I don't think it's so much an "old ladies" size as much as the dainty proportion lends itself more to femininity. I'm a shift dress kind of girly girl and the 33 watch looked out of place. I wouldn't say the 33 looked too trendy but it looks best on me only when I'm wearing any outfit but a dress. The 33 looks like it wants to be a trendy "oversized" watch but just isn't quite there. It's an odd proportion on me. It's a good daily option, though. Kate Middleton manages to pull off the 33 (36?) with dresses but her build/height is larger than mine.

    I actually went back to Cartier yesterday and tried both on and still love the 28. It's only about a $500 difference or so between sizes. Again, my only hesitation is that it's quartz. I lurk on watch forums and they say that, if taken care of properly (regular battery changes to prevent battery leakage) a quartz can chug along 25 to *maybe* 50 years. I'm secretly hoping they make a 28 mechanical option for the sake of having an heirloom piece.

    And if you're getting the RG/diamond later - what size would you consider for that? If you're set on a, for example, 33 size for that I would maybe choose the 28 for this purchase for more variety. Let us know what you decide! Looking forward to seeing what you decide on!
  6. its 28mm, 33mm, 36mm then 42mm
    you should do 33 or 36
    28 is really very small ans i find the face of the watch is overwhelmed by the thickness of the round border
  7. Difficult... they both look nicely proportioned on you. The 28 is more subtle, whereas the 33 shows off the unique BB shape more in my opinion.

  8. I forgot to say they didn't have the Roman numerals to try it so I tried this size, if I got the 28 I would get with roman numerals

  9. 36 isn't an option for me, it looks rediculous literally like the giant face is sitting on my wrist. I thought the same of the 33 that it shows off the design of the watch better, but if it doesn't suit my wrist idk if I have to accept maybe this design doesn't suite my wrist size? /:
  10. I don't mind the 33 size, but that's as large as I'd go. But I do not like diamonds on my watches so I'd go without those. I wish they offered it with a date at the smaller sizes though, but I assume the complications just are a pain at that smaller size.

  11. I agree, I think it's only the 36 and 42 that offer the date. Would you get the automatic vs the quartz? Finding our now that the 28 doesn't come in automatic but that that's the preferred type of luxury watch is really throwing me off/confusing me more. I always planned on a watch collection (after another 10-15 years) but I don't want somethig that will stop working so soon if that's really the case. Never knew there was so much to a watch, I just always loves the clean aesthetic of a BB lol.
  12. Someone told me that the automatics had issues keeping time, but I am not sure about that.

  13. So when you buy your bb you would go for quartz instead of auto?
  14. Your BB looks perfect on you...but you are tall and have the carriage.

    I'm now leaning towards the 33mm...really not too big. 5'5" isn't that short, I think you can handle this size nicely.
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