Confused about Cartier Ballon Bleu...**new pics**

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  1. I don't think it's too bad. Who doesn't like to save money, but when your spending this much on a watch, you should get what you love.
  2. I think that the 33mm BB looks good. I like how the roman numerals look. I've tried the BB with diamond markers and even though I love diamonds, but with the BB, I prefer the look of roman numerals (without the diamond markers)

    My personal cartier watch wish list is the 42mm BB in stainless steel and the mini Santos Demoiselle in pink gold!:cloud9:
  3. I love the 33, but looking at your pictures with the 28, I thought it looked really good on you.
  4. Very true, keep
    Going back and forth, I want this to be able to be my go to for everything for a long time so I can focus on other jewelry on my wishlist, I wish the gold version wasn't so expensive!
  5. Me too! I would love an all gold watch.
  6. Do you have a picture? Would you have bought the 33 if you could redo it?
  7. I'm using my laptop now and will post picture when i'm on my iPhone. I would have gone for 33 mm but due to limited budget I settled for 28mm instead. It is still beautiful and 28mm looks more delicate, 33mm on the other hand shows more of BB design. Good luck deciding on your BB.
  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1399179369.085023.jpg

    And this is a picture stacked with my love bangle, honestly I am not a fan of both stack together

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  9. What a great dilemma to have ;) I've been deciding on the 28 and 33 TT for MONTHS now! I also wear a 16 LOVE and think the 28 looks best on me (and from your pics in the other post, looks great on you too) but what pulls me back to the 33 is the fact that it's an automatic. Do you care whether or not your watch is quartz? I love that the 28 will age well with me but by the time I'm a delicate old lady (when a smaller, lighter watch would be more appropriate) my quartz watch will probably have pooped out. And also, there go my dreams of passing down my watch to my (currently hypothetical) children.
  10. This was totally my dilemma! I went in thinking the 28 would be perfect since my wrists are stick thin (lots of space on the size 16 love bracelet), but the SA had me try on the 33 and it was surprisingly not too bad (she did also say that she thought the smaller sizes were for older/classier ladies so that sort of deterred me from the smaller size -.-). I haven't bought mine yet, but I think you should try it on in person first! I'm pretty sure it'll look great judging by the way the 28 looks on you. Good luck with your decision!
  11. Honestly in 10-15 years I plan on getting the rose gold diamond Version of this watch. How long does quartz last? How much more is the automatic?

    Did you feel like 33 was too big or trendy on you?
  12. Thanks for the input! What are you currently leaning towards, would you still have liked the 28 if the sales associate didn't say it was for older ladies?
  13. Beautiful, perfect size!
  14. I think you should consider your overall build. I think the large (I'm not sure what the size is, but it's men's) works for me because while I'm thin, I'm very tall with broad shoulders, I'm not a small girl.

    I also just think you have to go with what inspires you. I saw a mom at my daughter's preschool, she was VERY tall, over 6 feet, and she wore my watch so well, i literally couldn't get it out of my mind.
  15. I got modeling pics of both but it won't let me upload it?
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