Confused about Cartier Ballon Bleu...**new pics**

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  1. Hi all, I know a lot of you lovely ladies and gents have different variations of this watch

    I've been reading past threads and going the website trying to figure out sizing and price differences

    I was looking at the smallest... Which I believe is the 28mm.
    What is the next size? Is that the 33mm? And is that called the mid size? Does anyone have comparisons between the two? I only have a modeling pic of the 28mm. I had my heart set on the 28, but I've started to (gasp) grow out of layering bracelets on both hands... And I liked that the 28mm would layer. However looking at my style and watches and the line of work I will be doing, minimum on wrists is preferred.
    So now I am wondering would it be better to get the next size up? I do not want an oversized watch. That is not my style and I want this to be classic and use this daily for the next decade if you will. I thought the smallest would be most classic but lately I've seen on princess kate and instagrammers like upcloseandstylish and bb10lue with the next size up or bigger... It looks very chic on them on their own. So now I am wondering should I get the next size? Also the reason why I like the BB is the Roman numerals, I love the face, would the next size up feature the face better? When I tried on the watches last year at Cartier, the sales associates liked the next size better on me, but I was very focused on getting a small watch because I was switching from a watch that was way too big for my wrist (Michelle with diamonds). My wrist is small, my 16 sz love goes a third down my wrist (or a little more). I have both a casual skinny jean/sweater style or office wear. As for what I would wear this with. Right now it would be a half eternity ring. On my other hand I wear a couple of different bangles, love bangle and eternity diamond bangle, with a fashion bangle thrown in and maybe a small gold bead bracelet as a buffer. And I plan on getting (second hand) a thin love ring and trinity ring for the opposite wrist to the watch...

    With that said what would you do?

    Sincerely an excited but very confused jewelryholic

    Modeling pics as I can't reattach them to this thread for some odd reason. Also any details about pricing would be great thanks. Finally too, I can get 20% the small watch at the old price (according to AD they did not increase the price on this but idk if it's an error, but she's saying if it's the mid size I would have to settle for 15%) sent an email asking what price would it be since it is after the 21?
  3. Assuming the 28mm is what you are wearing in the photos you attached, I would go with that one. Before seeing them I would have said 33 mm. Te mid size is the 36 mm and that is the one I chose and love!!!! Your wrist looks so small so the 28 on you looks like the 33 and 36 on most people
  4. I think I am going to love the 33 on you the best. The 28 looks beautiful on you but I'd love to just see the 33 because I have a feeling I would prefer it… Can you take some mod shots of the 33 for us to see?
  5. I have the 28 mm and I think it's alright for size 16 love bracelet wearer (i'm one of them). However, I think the 33 mm would be the best size for BB and this size will show the roman numeral more.
    I try stacking my bb with love bracelet but I don't like how it look together.
  6. I like the small size BB on you
  7. Your wrist is small so I think you should stick with 28. I wear Cartier Love size18 and my BB is the 36mm.
  8. I would stick with the smaller sized BB. I have small wrists, also a size 16 Love and I worry you may not like the largest face long-term since your original plan was to get the smaller size. I do have to say that after looking at your pics, I prefer the first watch out of them all on you. But that could be my taste creeping in there. I prefer a more rectangular shape.
  9. Thanks for your opinions ladies, I'm going to go try them hopefully this or next week. Does anyone have a comparison picture of the two? I'm really curious to see your reactions when I can post the modeling pic of the other one! Especially since the sales associates preferred that one
  10. Mine is the 36 and unless you love "bigger" watches I suggest you go with the 28 :smile: Good Luck!
  11. My wrist size is the same as yours (going by Love sizing) and I much preferred the 33 compared to the 28. I love the Roman numerals and they show up much better on the 33. Here's my 33 on my wrist. I don't think the size is oversized at all.
  12. Beautiful
  13. I might change my original thought. This looks so nice on you! :smile:
  14. Finally the issue is I think if I go bigger they will charge me the new price plus only 15% instead of the old price, so I guess that slightly plays a factor if the 33 is worth the jump
  15. Finally got pricing back, 28mm would be 3600, but 33mm would be 4500... Would that make a difference for you guys?
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