Confused about care......

  1. the risk of being a pain........

    I have just finished reading through all these threads about using apple garde, conditioner and lubriderm and I am more confused then ever.
    I just got my ocean city today :yahoo:......I absolutely love the color and the leather is nice and thick (thicker then my 07 black city), but much more distressed and a little drier then my black city.

    I do not want to change the color at all, but would like to get rid of the dryness and protect the bag and handles from wear. Do I use the conditioner first and then the apple garde? or is lubriderm, then apple garde better? or skip the conditioner or lubriderm all together and just use the apple garde? And, when you use the apple garde, do you use it on the handles too - will it hurt the laces on the handles? I also have a white city that is getting a little dirty on the edges from frequent use. What will clean it without hurting it? Thanks.
  2. hey glitz.. i just received my first bbag last week. I tried Nivea lotion on it. Its much smoother n softer now. But im also concerned abt the handles. I have placed order on, they have special products for bbag. I will test it out and let u koe.. But if theres anybody who have used pro treatment on the handles and didnt get darkening on the handles let us koe.. TIA!
  3. OK.. Here is my Test.
    1. lovinmybag for handles.. Handles became matte not so shiny anymore
    2. lovingmybag feel soft.. Took off the shine from the balenciaga bag
    3. lovingmybag Pro treatment.. Nothing happened, no change
    3. lovingmybag Cleanser.. Treated on my LV handles, v.slight difference(but noticeable), vachetta very difficult to clean.
    4. lovingmybag shine restore.. tried on Spy Bag "tortise" handles.. worked pretty good..
  4. Ok, I am going to chime and say I am purist. I never treat my bags with any products (except LMB For Handles Only on one bag as a test).

    I have two 06 bags that are getting naturally softer each time I use them, much richer and generally breaking in beautifully without any excellerants :tup: