Confused about buying CL's from ebay...


Feb 9, 2006
Scottsdale, AZ
I am wondering why people would buy Loubs from ebay that are more expensive than the ones at the department stores. I have apparently been a Purse Forum member for a couple of years (although I do not remember ever signing up ???) but was told about it from a girl at school (I'm a Fashion Marketing major) and checked it out yesterday. I buy all of my Louboutin's from Neiman's. I understand buying authentic shoes at prices less than retail, but why do people buy them for more than retail on ebay?? Is it because they couldn't find them in stores? Just wondering...:biggrin:


Jul 28, 2008
No problem. I had to figure out a few by myself when I first started. Here are a few more you'll see throughout the forum:

UHG ultimate holy Grail
HTF- hard to find
HTH- hope this helps
DH- devoted or dear husband
SO- significant other
TIA- thanks in advance
BF- boyfriend or best friend
BFF- best female friend
KWIM- know what I mean
LMAO- laughing my arse off
PITA- pain in the arse

Just naming a few.