Confused about Bubblegum/Petal Pink 08'

  1. Thank you for all those who posted pics of the new BG/PP. They all look so beautiful!

    However, I am getting confused with what exactly that color looks like IRL. From some pictures, they seem like a slightly darker shade of the original BG 05', which is more of a baby pink to me. But in other pictures, the color has more of an orange undertone to it, almost like the original Juicy Track Suit/Pants set in that bright pink(does anyone know which color I'm referring to?).

    Initially I thought it looks like the Rose 04' but a few PFers have said that that's not true. But it still sorta, kinda look like a lighter shade of Rose maybe?

    Any thoughts?
  2. No, 08 BG is definitely *not* like 04 Rose – I have both. It is also not like the pants you posted. Look up the comparison threads to see photos taken in *daylight*, not indoor lighting or with flash.
  3. Oh! :sad: I was also imagining it to be like the track pants that chriseve posted! I am going through this same exact dilemma. My SA at Balny said it is a saturated and bright color...?
  4. I too was hoping Petal Pink was going to be close to 04 Rose, but when I saw this fantastic pic (borrowed from lovelygarments thread...) I could clearly see the difference. 04 Rose against the Pinks' has a lot of red in it actually and IMO looks almost what I would imagine a soft coral colour to be. It's really opened my eyes as to what I interpret a true "rose" colour to be. For me, the 08 Petal Pink really does it for me. It's classy, smooth in colour (doesn't look mottled), easy on the eye and I dare say it's one of those chameleon colours - bright sunlight it's only a few shades darker than 05 BG Pink, in shade it's a gorgeous hue of true rose and could be carried with ease at dusk or in the early evening with it's greay / lilac undertones. So lovely.