Confused about beige


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Dec 7, 2006
Hi! :smile: You can check out the Reference Library for information... it's a great visual aid... the pics are so helpful! :tup: There are two different colors Chanel actually refers to as beige... one is "beige" and the other is "light beige." :P The beige is actually a dark tan color, and here is a pic of my hobo:

Beige caviar hobo

The "light beige" is sometimes called dark white, but it isn't white haha. The color is so gorgeous and creamy (a perfect neutral)! :love: I have a lt. beige caviar Jumbo, but no pics to share... you can find pics in the Reference Library though, and I know my girl ladydeluxe has gorgeous pic of her medium flap in the Your Chanel In Action thread! :tup: :heart: Hope that helps a bit. :heart:


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Jul 6, 2007
You may be thinking of the dark white classic flap. I have it and it is a cream or light beige color. The colors of the beige flap can also differ a bit depending on if the flap is lambskin or caviar. I don't have any beige pieces so hopefully someone else can post the pics for you. You can also search the resource thread since there are pictures of dark white and beige items there.


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Feb 10, 2007
The stores also carry a new darker beige which as you might have guessed is called "dark beige". I don't think I like it as it has a little too much yelow in it. I am also looking for a camel/tan bag. A real camel/tan.