Confused about B BLUES!

  1. Hello, I'm new to this forum, but I desperately need help regarding Balenciaga Blues. I can't seem to distinguish between the Cornflower, the new Blue (which seems to be slightly darker than the cornflower), and the Skyblue. My friend has a city in a medium blue color that is just so gorgeous, and we can't figure out which color it is! I just purchased a skyblue hobo today on ebay...YAY! Here's the link by the way, I hope it's the same color as my friend's, otherwise I may have to sell this hobo on ebay and buy myself a cornflower.

    This is a link to the new Blue color, a twiggy. is this different from the cornflower blue? how so?

    Please help!
  2. I think sky blue is a very light blue while cornflower blue is a medium blue.

    What is the new blue? Are you talking about the upcoming blueberry?

    So many blues, but so little time... :P
  3. yeah, sky blue is a light baby blue, more pastel than the others.
    the new blue is "navy", i think. it's a bit deeper than the cornflower that i've seen on PF...
  4. thanks for the info! I thought ICE BLUE is more baby blue, pastel-y? The picture of my Sky blue doesn't look THAT pastel. Yea, I think the new blue is more like a darker navy blue. so confusing! especially because the color in pictures come out so inaccurate. I may be getting my sky blue hobo in the mail tomorrow or wednesday, so I'm crossing my fingers!:cry:
  5. sorry, i guess 'baby blue' varies from person to person! the ice blue is even lighter than the sky blue. like if sky blue was a paint and you mixed more white paint into it, you'd get ice blue. that's how i think of it. :amuse:
  6. oh you will love that sky blue hobo! congrats with your new bag:flowers:
  7. thank you thank you! that site with the swatches are great! i love all the blues. if only i can have one of each! :biggrin:
  8. no problem! i realized that one's person's baby blue could be another's sky blue :huh: which could be confusing. that whole site is a wealth of knowledge!
    good luck with your bag. looking forward to the pics! :smile:
  9. Ice blue is like white with blue undertone.
  10. The link to the "new blue" colour you gave us is still cornflower. I agree that it is confusing because cornflower sometimes photograps much darker and richer than it actually looks in real life. Sometimes so much richer that it looks like another blue.

    The actual new blue is called "bleu roi" or blueberry and it is MUCH darker than cornflower at least according to the swatch, looks like a nice rich royal blue - hence the name :graucho:

    Which BTW makes NO sense to me - They call Bluet "cornflower" (yet bluet is french for blueberry, why didnt they just use that as the translation) but they call Bleu Roi - "blueberry", when bleu roi could easily be translated to Royal Blue instead- no wonder people are so confused :amazed:
  11. ok, i think i like the cornflower. maybe that will be my next target. =D
  12. I don't know if thise helps, but this is my cornflower city in different rooms (daughters is purple) and light.
    cornflower close up.jpg cornflower hanging.jpg cornflowerkelly.jpg cornflower in sal's room.jpg
  13. Some more.... I really love the Cornflower due to it's versatility and play with light... much like the Ink that way.
    cornflowerkelly2.jpg calcaire.jpg