Confuse about metallic pink reissue and metallic dark silver reissue

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  1. Hi im new at this thread. Can I have opinion about metallic reissue? its better to get the pink in size 225 and dark silver in size 227 OR pink in size 227 and dark silver in size 225? OR I get both in size 225?

    Im not really tall and a little bit skinny.
  2. Im like 155cm++ have both 225 and 226, tried 227 and 228 (didnt work) for me

    My suggestion is go there and try, they both lovely colour, try there, is not a matter how tall u r, cause also depends on ur look, ur skin etc, my friend is the same height as me and she can pull off 227 and I cant. Hth.
  3. I would prefer the 227 size for daily use coz it can fit more stuff but if you just want it for evening bag then choose 225...