Confronting a Fake...


Dec 9, 2006
I need some advice as to protocal with confronting a fake...

Last night I was out with my boyfriend and another guy-friend (neither of whom know anything about purses or designers) and across our table at the bar was a chick with two of her girl friends and she was wearing the same bag I was wearing, but clearly a fake! I was offended to say the least. As we left, I walked over to her, held up my real bag, and said "get the real thing and stop desecrating the [designer] name."

So, I only own one designer bag: THIS designer bag. I have lots of designer shoes, but only one bag. Maybe I'm taking this too personally b/c of how much I love that bag, but I'm new to this and I need some guidance.

It's also my understanding that the ppl who make fakes, usually make them under less than tolerable standards for the "employees," making my belief that you should always support the authentic designers for thier artistic designs, but also for the labour involved in making them.

But please help. Tell me your stories and suggestions. Was I too harsh, or diplomatic enough? Am I being catty and self righteous? :confused1:


Jan 12, 2006
Honestly? I think you were harsh.
I don't know why people feel a compelling need to call out other people like this.
A lot of people HAVE NO IDEA about the black market.
Most people would buy an LV for $50 from a guy on the street SWEARING it was real and believe it because they aren't at tPF all day everyday learning different.

If you just have to say something, my personal opinion is that it should be done much more discreetly and much more diplomatically.
No need to embarrass a person.


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
you're being catty, self-righteous, and inappropriate. you did not know the girl, she did not get in your face about the bag, and it's not your job to police perfect strangers or embarrass them in public - a lot of people with fake bags don't know that they're fake, and you have no right to make fools of anyone, no matter how much you paid for something. the only person's behavior that you can control is your own, and being a LADY is more important than whether or not your bag is real (or how many designer bags you have).


Nov 1, 2006
Yes, I agree with Swanky. You don't need to call people out. What if she didn't know? What if it was a present someone gave her? If I did something like that in public my boyfriend and my friends would be very embarassed for me and would probably call ME out for having no manners!

It would be best, in the future if you saw someone carrying a fake to leave well alone. You don't need to be a bag evangelical!


Oct 24, 2006
It's good that you feel bad about it and I guess if next time your gut has second thoughts, then don't do it.

Lots of people don't know their bag is fake. If they do and still choose to carry it (perhaps because they can't afford the real one or because it's a present that has meaning for them) they will just think you're snotty. I don't think you will make them get the real one, so it's a bit pointless.


Aug 1, 2006
Yeah, I agree with everyone. I'm sorry, but what you did was just plain mean. No, none of us here like fakes but like Amanda said, being a LADY is far more important and classy then what kind of purse you wear and what you didn wasn't ladylike. Just know that yours is real and be happy that you can have one, not everyone is so lucky. No need to hurt others who are not as fortunate as we are. Most people simply know so little about designers, they just know that what they are carrying looks alot like what their fav. celeb is carrying, so they figure it must be good. No need to be mean about it.


Mar 2, 2006
Yeah I wouldn't have said anything. Just like we wouldn't want to be called out for "wasting money" on the authentic bags, I wouldnt call anyone out for carrying the fake ones, even though I don't agree with it.


Southern Sweetheart
Mar 20, 2006
I know it sucks to see someone carrying a fake when you work and save money and buy a real one the hard way, but calling someone out like that is a little mean =( Imagine how mortified she must have felt. Just know that you're lucky to have that purse and the people who know purses can tell that yours is real so you don't have to be offended by the fake.


Dec 9, 2006
= ( I think each of you have a good point and I appreciate the suggestions; esp Cola262 about it being pointless. I obviously knew at some level that I was out of line b/c I had to ask.

As a design artist myself (jewelry in particular), I have had ppl copy my designs or flat out steal them. I guess I'm a little sensetive to a "knocked-off-design," but I realize that my upset should not be directed to a person not even trying to bring attention to themselves.

Would it be innapropriate the next time to come up politely and explain how much I love the bag, and that she might enjoy the genuine craftsmanship next time more than she would enjoy fake and plastic? Or should I just leave it alone all together?


Love LV
Aug 24, 2006
I would suggest you just "leave it alone".....
If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. You wouldn't want someone to come over to you, out of the blue and say your ass is fat in those jeans and maybe if you had a smaller ass they'd look better...that's along the same line.


Aug 26, 2006
Would it be innapropriate the next time to come up politely and explain how much I love the bag, and that she might enjoy the genuine craftsmanship next time more than she would enjoy fake and plastic? Or should I just leave it alone all together?

Yes that would be inappropriate. Just mind your own business.

She probably noticed your bag and felt embarassed about hers and that should be enough for you.