Conflicting measurement size for large Ceste; help please!

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  1. I'm looking to purchase the large Ceste tote but I'm finding the measurement for the width isn't the same from store to store site nor from color to color.

    Often, the medium and the large have the same width: 15.5 inches. Then I'll see a large with the width of 18.5. Then I'll see the width under the large change based on the color.....I want the 18.5 width but am not sure if that's a correct size the more I research. This will be my first bag (I own BV SLG). Can anyone assist me with measurement issue? BTW, is there an even larger size in this tote? Thank you so much for any and all help. : )
  2. According to the manufacturer (Bottega Veneta) the correct measurements for the Nappa Intrecciato Cesta Bag are as follows...
    Large - Medium - Mini
    8A17F421-6B7E-47BE-82EB-7F99AE09A473.jpeg 399EF6C3-206A-47E0-A3B0-06C03DFCF938.jpeg 72EB5634-F706-436C-8C72-392AFD43340A.jpeg

    It probably depends exactly where someone is measuring. The top of the bag or the base. You’ll have to ask the seller those questions.
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  3. Thank you, Von. The 18.5 is from the Bergdorf site and 2 of the well-liked resale sites. Honestly, the pictures look much larger than 15.3 inches. Sadly, that isn't going to work for me so guess I'll be looking at other BV bags which are larger. Thank you!
  4. The Large Cesta is a big bag. I always wished there was something between the Large and Medium because I love the look of the Large but thought it was just a bit too big. You want something bigger? Maybe you’ll need to check out the Cabats if you haven’t already. :flowers:
  5. Lol. I'm 6'1" so I NEED a large bag else, the proportion looks off. The only issue I have with the Cabats is it being so open. That was my first choice, to be honest. It, to me, represents the look of BV. Women who share the same taste as I always appear to be carrying one, lol.
    Perhaps a second look IS warranted. :smile:
  6. Does to need to be a tote? Have you considered the maxi Veneta?
  7. Hmm. I wouldn't be able to wear it over my shoulder as it appears to fit snugly under the arm (would drive me crazy) so I would have to carry it in the crook of my arm but then....I wear most of my totes that way too. Another bag to visit more closely...thank you! :smile:
  8. I can wear both my small and medium on the shoulder. Not a huge strap drop but comfy enough, it's a very comfortable bag to carry.
  9. i always wear my (medium, large and maxi) veneta on the shoulder.

    the maxi drop is quite low below my armpit.and i love that it has zipper.
  10. Oops, make that medium and large...
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