Conflicted over my preloved emp speedy b purchase!

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  1. Hi everyone, I have a dilemma and I need your help! I purchased a galet empreinte speedy b 25 from yoogis that has several noticeable marks on the glazing (strap and handles). Yoogis has offered to give me an additional 10% off since the marks were not disclosed in the description, which I think is very fair. I'm really happy with Yoogi's customer service, and the additional discount makes this bag an even better deal (about 45% less than retail w/ tax). My concern is that the glazing will only get worse over time and I won't be able to have it repaired since I purchased it preloved. If you were in my situation, would you keep the bag or return it? I have always wanted an emp speedy, but would it be better to wait until the neo emp speedy is released this summer?

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  2. Go to the store and tell them you are willing to pay to have it repaired. Say it was a gift and you don't have a receipt, and if they ask you who bought it for you, say it's not your place to disclose that and it's none of their business either. They won't care, and if they deny you the repair, demand to speak with the manager. Make sure you have an established purchase history with LV first though!

    Good luck!

  3. Thanks for your advice! I do have an established purchasing history and a regular SA, so perhaps she will help me out.
  4. You can definitely get the glazing repaired, even if you have to pay you saved a significant amount off a new bag - as long as the rest of it is in great shape I would keep it! Glazing issues happen even on new items as we see here on the forums.
  5. I would keep it, especially at that price. My strap had those dents and they are ordering a new one for me. If you have a good relationship with an SA and feel comfortable telling her this was a preloved purchase, it shouldn't be a problem.
  6. These marks would bother me. But everyone has different sensitivities to these things.
  7. i would see if you can have it reglazed. If you can't I would send it back.
  8. Take it to LV but be honest, don't lie and say it was a gift. This is a known issue. My empreinte speedy b 30 in infini had the same marks on the strap and handle. I took it back to LV and they sent it in to have the handles replaced and a new strap. They called me Saturday to tell me it was back.

    If LV won't repair it, I would return it to yoogis. It will only get worse.
  9. That will most likely help you out a lot! Be honest with your SA about where you got the bag and most likely she/he will still send it off for you but if, for whatever reason, the store gets a bee in its bonnet then send it back to Yoogi's.
  10. Why not lie? If you're paying for it either way then it's none of their business. Like I said, specifically state that you'll pay for it if you want the easiest and most direct route.
  11. Honesty is always the best policy, which is why you are taught this from a very young age.:smile:
    If you have an established relationship your SA will understand buying preloved especially since this particular color is not available to purchase direct anymore. If it can be fixed then go for it, if not then unfortunately return.
  12. My empreinte luminuese had those same marks which I ignored but eventually it got so bad I had to take it to my local LV but they couldn't repair it (the glazing on the side of my bag also melted). I live in a warm, humid environment and the place I stored it didn't have any airflow so I don't think that helped any. It's possible that those marks happened during transit (I had that happen before too). If you live in a warm, humid area I'd return. If you keep it, keep it store in an area that isn't warm and that has airflow.
  13. I agree with the others, I would speak to your SA and see if you can get it fixed and how much it would cost. If it can be fixed then I would do that, if not I would return it. I would also be concerned that the glazing issues will get worse with time, at the moment you have the chance to return the bag if it can't be fixed.

    Seeing as though you have a good relationship with your SA I would be honest and explain the situation exactly as it is to him/her.

    Let us know what happens and good luck!
  14. I would keep it as others suggested. But I am curious why you have to disclose how you acquired the bag as it seems irrelevant to me for an authentic bag that needs repair that you are willing to pay for. I know this has been discussed on numerous threads but I struggle with making the connection between how I acquired something and an item that is damaged and needs repair, especially if I am willing to pay for the repair. How I acquired the bag does not change the fact that the bag needs repairing. However I could see an SA asking about the purchase if you were asking for a free repair but outside of that I feel it is irrelevant, IMO.
  15. I would try for repair, and if you can not get it, send the bag back.

    That said, I think merchants are hesitant to take in bags that were purchased by someone else because of the huge market in illegal copies. The sales personnel can not all be skilled in determining which are frauds, and they obviously do not want to repair bags that were sold in violation of trademark laws and damaged their company. If you purchased it, then the record of the sale substantiates the bag for their purposes. Naturally, they do recognize that authentic bags are resold, gifted etc., and I do not think the resale per se is the problem. It is easier for them if they know it was sold by them.

    In the case of LV, many bags legitimately are sold in other retail stores (I know Saks sells them, as does Neiman Marcus), so they will never be able to look up in LV records. Neiman says they will obtain repair for bags if purchased there, but I have not had occasion to try this myself. I was not in the habit of regularly keeping my receipts until the last couple of years, but now I do.

    There is nothing illegal about buying a used bag. Even a receipt from Yoogi or an ebay seller stating that the bag is authentic is evidence of good faith on the buyer's part, and should not offend the original merchant. Obviously, just because Yoogi or any other retailer says the bag is authentic, doesn't mean that it is authentic, but it does show good faith. (Whereas buying a bag on the street corner on Canal St. is not.)

    Good luck