Conflicted - new or preowned - quality or price?

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  1. I just received a Jumbo Double Flap in Navy Caviar from Fashionphile for what I think is a really good price - $3500 all in, purchased in "Very Good" condition and jumped-on when they discounted it another 30%. It's my first experience buying preowned. I'm picky though and although I love the look of the bag, there are some expected flaws which bother me a bit and I'm worried may gnaw at me over time - or may not, I just don't know. The other alternative is paying what's becoming outrageous prices at the boutique for a new bag if/when I can find Navy - $1000s more but perfect. So I'm curious and hoping possibly for some direction - do you prefer paying much less but accepting some flaws, or like a pristine bag but with the hefty price?
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  2. I prefer new if I’m buying a bag, but that’s just me. Everyone’s different!
  3. I prefer new. I’m pretty OCD tho so that could be why.
  4. Normally I buy new but I have bought rarer preowned pieces so it really depends on price vs condition. It’s hard to tell if your bag is worth the price without pictures.
  5. I only buy new aswell...I would rather buy less items but get them brand new. Of course this will differ person to person. My guess is it is bothering you enough that you've posted here so definitely think about it before using/keeping the bag.
  6. I only buy new and from the boutique. No resellers. That’s the only way to know for sure it’s authentic. To me 3k is already so much money! You already should be very very financially comfortable to spend that amount on a bag. If you look at it that way, if you can spend 3k you should be able to spend 7k. It’s also not a true luxury experience for me unless it’s from the boutique.
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  7. It depends on the condition, I bought several pieces from Fashionphile and the bags are in great condition. Most bags I purchased are pro stone or new condition. And it discounted.
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  8. Thanks everyone for the input. I'm thinking perhaps this bag should go back - partially due the consensus here, partially due to not feeling fully good about a preowned bag, and partially due to yes, I can afford new. I don't think anything is available in navy now though. I'm going to think about it for a few more days but as I sit here, I swear I can smell perfume from the bag. That's a deal-breaker right there (no mention of odor in description...).
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  9. I completely agree with this. 3k is already a lot of money and not luxury experience from preloved used online stores.

    In my case though, spend at the boutique is better than paying half of price to be insecure and not fully satisfied. It's just too risky and scary to get superfake Chanel...who knows nowdays and 3k for super fake is too much. Some very well known and biggest preloved online store got super fakes in the past and recently, not just once. I saw other brands threads in purse forum and also I read other thread of 'Chloe' by Chanel collector member recently as well.
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  10. Return if not liking it. However, they do have a beautiful navy out right now for this collection I believe. I know they did for 19B and I believe they do for the cruise collection. And yes, it will be about double the price of what you paid for the fashionphile bag.
  11. I only buy new from boutique. I agree with the others, it’s already big money to spend 3k, and put up with used imperfect bags, although I know new bags can be imperfect too.
  12. I only bought preloved for the longest time because I loved the look of the genuine 24k hardware but I have to say.... there is something so special about a bag being _your_ bag that you went to the store and chatted with the SA about and compared with other options and finally picked out yourself, and I feel like when I had to think hard and pony up for the purchase, I treasure it so much more!
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  13. If you’re having doubts now, I say return it!
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    When in doubt, definitely Chanel Boutique or new at a boutique in a store like Neiman's or Bloomingdales (with Chanel boutique in it). Chanel NEVER authenticates bags- so don't trust some kid at Fashionphile or another online place to say your bag is real (not to say that it's not, but you just never know). Your buying a luxury bag and the peace of mind you get from buying it costs $$$$. My personal opinion, 3k is a lot to spend on a gamble unless you know for sure (or you absolutely love it and don't care).
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  15. Exactly. It's like a gamble to spend that much amount at pre-loved online store especially Fashiohphine showed already bad history of selling superfake as some members conformed they weren't real ( in LV and Chloe, other forums in here ) in the past and recently again, but FP ignored and re-posted the returned bags, unbelievable! :shocked: and some innocent people actually bought these unfortunately that's terrible and uncool.
    I know Chanel don't offer online shopping for handbag and pre-loved store is convenience but no way to spend the amount on unsure authenticity bags ( or super-fake ! )
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