Conflicted about LV sunglasses! help!

  1. I've been drooling over the Conspiration GM sunnies for months now but when I tried them on at the LV store last week, they looked just a little 'off' with my face. The MM currently fit me better but I wish they had the damier pattern like the GM.

    I'm currently working on losing some weight and I think the GM would look perfect on me in a few weeks/months. Would I be crazy to just get the GM now?!

    The SA said the GM looked great on me but the MM were out of stock so I'm wondering if she was just saying it so I would buy it on the spot lol.

    Sorry just had to vent and let it all out haha. :confused1:
  2. that's why we're here!! i'd wait until u look great with the glasses on! they are quite $$$$ and what happens *touch wood* if you dont lose the weight!!!
  3. ^^^ ITA should wait until you can actually wear them..also you might get them and hold on to them for weeks/months and realize you don't like them any more.
  4. Don't be in a hurry. It's a big investment. Bring someone else along for their opnion as to which model suits you better.
  5. I spent almost $500 on mine online but didnt like them on once I got them home. Wish I'd have a chance to try them on first. I'd definitely say wait and get them later if they look better on you then.
  6. Yeah I would get them later on.
  7. LV glasses, just like anything else LV are kinda spendy. If its doesnt say perfect and buy me right now, chances are you should wait.
  8. I agree with everyone else here. Wait till later. You may actually find ones that fit you better in the meantime.
  9. I would wait until you find the perfect pair. I was going to buy a pair online and now I'm glad I waited. I ended up buying a different pair in the store. The pair I had been drooling over online just didn't look right on my face shape.