confiscated carly???!

  1. so i m working towards my second degree. i had a final exam at school sat, about 100 people writing. we get settled in and the proctors come and get all the bags and coats and put them in a big pile up front! this had never happened b4. i was so worried about my poor carly! i wrapped her inside my coat but still...
  2. I would have been PISSED!
  3. When I was teaching undergrads I always had them put their books, etc up at the front of the room but I let them put everything there themselves. When you have a lot of students it makes it easier to keep people from cheating by not having materials as accessible to them. I hope your bag escaped unharmed!
  4. When I was finishing up Nursing School we were told in advance that books, bags and such would be collected before the test was started. I didn't bring anything inside with me (gently wrapped in my coat in the trunk), I would not have been able to think about anything but the fact my purse was away from me and under another persons observation. I hope all is fine with Carly.
  5. she was just a bit dusty in the end but was v distracting when i saw stuff being thrown down on top. next time i m just bringing my wallet in now that i no!
  6. Yikes! They've never done that at my school, thank goodness.

    Maybe from now on, leave your bag in the trunk of your car (or at home!) and just pack some bare essentials in a wristlet.
  7. Eeep, I've never been in a test that they were that hard core about things before. I understand the theory, but you should've had some warning. Glad your carly was OK. I wouldn't want my stuff on the floor either.
  8. Wow,i would have been so mad >.< i'm glad your bag is okay though.
  9. For one of my finals, we had to leave our bags not in the front of the room, but in the HALLWAY. Thank god I didn't have any Coach then...
  10. wow, nothing like this has ever happened to me. I think adults should be treated as such. Anyway, I despise when people touch my bags, handle them or take it upon themselves to move them somewhere else. I would have been distracted and anxious too, good luck on your test !
  11. That is such a bad idea on the professors part. It reminds me of the SATC episode when carrie goes to a small party and has to leave her manolos at the door, and then when she goes to leave the party her shoes are gone. :sad::cursing:

    I mean think about it is the school going to be responsible if someone "picks up" the wrong bag?

    I would have been mad too especially since it doesnt seem like they told you before.
  12. i have taken 15 exams and this never happened. that was the problem- i kept looking to c if someone was stealing my bag as people left!
  13. OMG! I would have put my foot down if they tried to do that. Even with a school honor code, that's just asking for a theft!

    We've had to do this a couple of times, and they always give notice so we can opt to leave out things in the car/in our dorms. You should suggest this option to your professor because it really is distracting during an exam, especially when people leave at different times.
  14. Glad that you get your carly back safe..:sweatdrop:
    I would have been nervous too.. so how did you do on the exam?:flowers::girlsigh:
  15. I had a class where they tried to make me do that. I was carrying a Coach Bus. Tote with a laptop. I told them there was NO WAY they were touching my bag.