Confirmed vs. Unconfirmed - Bit Confused

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  1. Hey guys quick question!

    Scenario: Bought some shoes from a seller Sunday afternoon. I asked that my shoes be shipped to my United States Virgin Islands (USVI) address. Seller agreed. I paid and the Paypal receipt said that the address was confirmed. Tonight seller messages me and tells me that Paypal is saying my address is unconfirmed. Huh?

    Now I do remember that when I was trying to pay for my shoes my USVI mailing address wasn't showing on the list of addresses to ship to (I have a Texas and USVI shipping address on eBay), so they directed me to refresh and/or close the browser. After having done both multiple times, I had to manually enter it before it went through. I also do not have my debit card linked to my USVI address, but it is linked to the Texas address. Maybe one of those might be the reason?

    Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. I know with us our address keeps getting switched by paypal to a different city so it says its unconfirmed, very annoying

    Yours is probably unconfirmed because as you said your cards are linked to your texas address
  3. I had this issue too.

    I had to call PP support and link my paypal address to my ebay shipping addy.

    It literally was the difference in my towns name
  4. Ours is a military address, and it keeps changing from FPO to APO its annoying me!
  5. The important thing for the seller is that the transaction be specified as "eligible" for seller protection. You can't see that at your end, only the seller can. If it comes up as "ineligible" or "partially eligible", check with Paypal to see what you need to do to make it "eligible".
  6. Thanks for the advice! Everything was worked out, and shoes are on their way :biggrin: