CONFIRMED: the bellboy is coming this xmas!!

  1. my SA has confirmed that monogram Groom is making a comeback this festive season. this time, its a different design and on a limited items (agendas, wallet.)

    but honestly, even until now i dunt reaaly believe this. i mean, i havent heard anything abt it here neither did i see any pixx of it. can any of u guys really confirm this?? i trust my SA. she's soo reliable. she helped me secures many items before like wayy earlier. she cant be lying. but any latest updates abt LV i always read it here first. then only i refer to her. this time its the other way round. so im all confused.....:confused1::confused1::confused1:

    what do u guys think???
  2. Not sure. I'm not a fan, but that will be great for those who missed out.
  3. I heard abit about new groom in the the fall winter thread, So i do think it's true , I can't wait to see some pictures but i would love it on Damier maybe instead of mono.
  4. Oh .. would love to see pics .. thanks for the heads up : )
  5. WHT! is marc running out of ideas (miroir, olympe, possible hearts. . .)
  6. hmm croses fingers:tup: for new groom...

    if they made a speedy I would buy it...
  7. :nuts:

    I want a Rond! lol
  8. I hope so!
  9. Really?again...i dunno
  10. I like mine. Hopefullym, every one will be able to get something this time.
  11. I would love it in a Speedy 25. I get more compliments on my Groom wallet than any other LV :p
  12. hmmm. i must say i'm disappointed that limited designs are being recycled. kinda takes the excitement out of new limited pieces.... even if they are just accessories.
  13. anymore info? I need details LOL!!!
  14. PLEASE GOD make it a groom speedy.
  15. sound like 'RE-ISSUE' thing as Channel did?!?!?!