Confirmed paypal account

  1. I have noticed that some eBay sellers will only ship to people with a confirmed Paypal account. It is my impression that a "confirmed" account means that you have provided paypal with not only your address and cc information, but also that you have given paypal access to your checking account. Is this right? Or is there another way to become "confirmed" on paypal without giving access to your checking account? I have always been cautious about giving out my checking account number. But now there's an auction on eBay that I'm really watching and they'll only ship to a confirmed address, so I thought I'd investigate further. Thanks!
  2. Usually paypal confirmed addresses are also only in N.America, the UK, and maybe a couple of other countries (not sure which). I know what you mean about giving your checking account number out, but I've not had any trouble so far with paypal.

    Just remember, that any payments you make via paypal for eBay goods will automatically come out of your checking account, unless you specify otherwise (for each transaction). I always like to pay by credit card, and find it annoying that unless I remember to tick a box, it will automatically direct debit me instead.
  3. I believe a "confirmed" address is the one that matches your credit card information. Just like a lot of retailers will only ship to the address attached to your credit card, this is the same with PayPal. If you do not have a credit card attached to PayPal, then your confirmed address is the one that matches your bank account information.
  4. Thank you for these explanations. It looks like I may have confused "verified" with "confirmed." Let me check my account again... Thanks!
  5. Ok, how can I tell whether my account is "confirmed?"
  6. also... for my paypal account, my address was confirmed once i made the first transfer into my checking account. this was before i had a cc on file.
  7. To tell if you are confirmed you can go to your PayPal account-->Profile-->Account Information-->Street Address. If it's Confirmed, it will say.
  8. And in case you're wondering why us sellers only ship to confirmed addresses, we have to in order to qualify for the seller protection policy.
  9. There are countries where accounts cannot be confirmed I will ship if the buyer has substantial good feedback or comes recommended. One very nice buyer sent me a scan of her ID to prove to me that she lived at the paypal address.
  10. It's much clearer to me now. Thanks! (And by the way, I found out I was confirmed, just not "verified." I was getting the two confused.) It's great to be able to come here for answers!
  11. Hi BadAngel,

    Have you had bad experiences or countries you would not ship to with PayPal? What is your threshold percentage on neg/pos feedback in order to feel safe? If I'm being too nosey, just ignore me, I'll understand.

    We sell some costly items and without seller protection, my partners won't budge on the PayPal issue. We won't ship to an unconfirmed address if paying through PayPal, period. I personally don't buy if I can't pay with a cc through PayPal but I like your thinking about the feedback review and recommendation.
  12. I had a problems with the confirmed account. I am not in US or any country that paypal could have my account confirmed.I think they definitely need to change their policy. If they can't provide the same service, then they shall not provide such registration option.