CONFIRMED: Family Guy will tackle Empire Strikes Back!!!

  1. Well, this is good news. Seth MacFarlane has confirmed that yes, there IS a Family Guy Empire Strikes Back parody in the works. Here’s more information:

    While celebrating at the Family Guy 100th Episode party, IESB’s Robert Sanchez spoke to voice actor Mila Kunis who plays Meg in the show. Kunis divulged that the cast has in fact done a table read for the Empire Strikes Back episode of Family Guy and that it’s definitely moving forward, script is done.

    Sanchez caught up with Family Guy guru Seth MacFarlane to confirm. He says they have done the table read and they are absolutely doing Empire.

    The first thing on any Star Wars fans’ mind? Who will be Boba Fett? MacFarlane says the Giant Chicken would fill Fett’s boots. The Giant Chicken’s fights with Peter parody Hollywood action films and usually cause huge amounts of damage to the city and can last upwards of 7 minutes.

    So does that mean Return of the Jedi is up next? MacFarlane says of course it depends on the success of Empire but they would most definitely also like to do Jedi as well.