Confirmed Address?

  1. I've recently been new to eBay and PayPal and have been sucessful with the 2 bags I've sold so far and the people who bought them were complete dolls :heart:. I'm seeing it's smarter to only sell to ppl with confirmed PayPal addresses.

    Now...when I looked on said that the only way to check if an addy was confirmed was after they pay? On that transaction/activity/payment list. Is there a way of somehow checking if an address is confirmed before a payment is put in, so you can possibly right a wrong before it happens?

    Sorry, just new on all these extras. Thanks. :heart:
  2. yes, when they pay it tells if they're confirmed or not.
    There's no way to know otherwise, unless maybe you had their personal e-mail addys{?}
    No need to know first, just state in your auction terms that they MUST have a confirmed address:yes:
  3. Go to Paypal, then
    My Account -> Profile -> Payment Receiving Preferences

    First question: Block payments from U.S. users who do not provide a Confirmed Address:
    Ask Me

    I have mine set to yes, so I don't have to check every time. The payment will not go through if the address it not confirmed.
  4. I believe (although I haven't done it) that there is an option on paypal to block payments from unconfirmed addresses. If you did this as well as state it in your auction terms, you would hopefully avoid unconfirmed bids.

    I've shipped a few times to unconfirmed addresses (and nearly all overseas buyers are unconfirmed) and had no problems, but these have all been fairly low value (under $50) items. Any more than that, and I probably would be wary too.
  5. Awesome ~ thanks Swanky, Bethy and dcgal :smile:

    :heart: ya's!
  6. I'm in a similar situation.

    I have a bag on eBay... and a buyer really wants to win it.. but she usually has stuff shipped to her work address.. which isn't a confirmed address. (I understand her situation, as I'd most likely have something sent to work too) but I want to make sure my ass is convered.

    what should I do?
    She asked if I could accept other payments... but I dunno.. I dont' really wanna go the whole money order route.

    Any comments?
  7. That is a tough situation- I have the same problem- if I buy something of small dollar value, I don't mind having it shipped to my house, and just left outside until I get home from work. But if it's something expensive, I don't want it left on the porch- so I'd rather have it shipped to work, but it's an unconfirmed address. I can see the seller's point of view though that it would be a risky transaction. I guess just check the buyer's feedback to see if they are reliable?
  8. Yea, I understand her point of view too. I can't trust my neighbors worth the damn.

    I just dont' want to get screwed either.
  9. Just know that e.g. in Europe, paypal does not confirm addresses, the best you can have here is a verified address. If you not only block unconfirmed U.S. addresses but unconfirmed addresses altogether, you will significantly decrease your buyer radius.

  10. Thank you!!
  11. I have done it in the past and it has worked out well but you're not covered.

    FYI - If you are the buyer of an item and it is shipped with a carrier other than USPS you can call with the tracking number and have it help for pick-up. I know that it's not always practical to leave work to pick up an item but for a larger item it may be worth it. You have to bring your ID to pick it up so the seller still has proff you signed for it. I have done this with FedEx and UPS.