confirmed address

  1. Is it possible to find out if someone has confirmed address before the auction is over (so that I can just cancel the bids)?
  2. Nope. All you can do is to put in your description that you will not ship to unconfirmed address(in capitals). Better to state it more than once because so many people are inattentive to those details.
    I ship to unconfirmed addresses with delivery confirmation, no problems so far.
  3. What is a confirmed address exactly? How do I get it by Paypal?
    Thanks, I'm a newbie to Ebay
  4. A confirmed PayPal address is when you register your bank account information which is verified by a credit agency.
  5. Please re-consider doing this. If the buyer receives the item and then does a chargeback against you, Paypal will not protect you if you shipped to an unconfirmed address. You will lose your money.

    This has happened to many of tPF gals with a total of over $50k in losses when we shipped to an unconfirmed address.

    Be careful!
  6. addicted
    Thank you for warning. You're right.
  7. I dont have a confirmed address, not sure why. But i have purchased off ebay and they just send the item with signature required that way you cant file a claim saying you didnt get it.
  8. But that doesn't prevent you from starting a credit card charge back which is separate from ebay. And sellers who shipped to unconfirmed addresses will not qualify for paypal's seller protection policy if a cc chargeback occurs.
  9. Oh I didnt know that.
  10. The round-about way to do it is:

    1. Get their PayPal email address by:

    a) PM the buyer asking them if they have a confirmed address and if so, to give you their PayPal email


    b) If the buyer asks a question and doesn't block their email address, it will be sent to your email address and once you hit REPLY, it will show up in the address window

    2. Go to your PayPal account and "pretend" to send them $1 for a "good" or "service" or "other"

    3. The next page will show the transaction details and you can see if they are confirmed or verified (at this point, you can proceed with the transaction but of course you will not)