confirmed address vs. USPS address???

  1. I hope someone can help...or at the very least tell me how you would handle this.

    I sold a coach purse last week, was going to print the shipping label that night, but a paypal message came up stating that the usps recommended a different address than what was confirmed. The only difference was the zip code, but I want to make sure that I send this properly. I have contacted the buyer 3 times and she has not responded. Don't you find that weird? Maybe she's on vacation? doesn't read email? What would you do? Ship to paypal confirmed address? usps recommended address? Not ship at all until you hear from her?

    I feel so bad not shipping this to her yet and I fear a negative feedback from her :sad:

  2. I personally would just ship to the confirmed address so that you will have your protections. USPS will probably change it anyway once they process it but their recommendation could be wrong. UPS "corrected" my address before for a package and then called me complaining they couldn't find the address. DHL has done this to me before too but actually delivered it somewhere and I had to have them go pick it up from where they delivered it and bring it to me or I was going to file a claim. They were trying to deliver on the other side of town because there is a street with nearly the same name in several different areas of my city - just with different zip codes and a N/S/E/W distinction.
  3. I agree, if the address was CONFIRMED then ship it there:yes
  4. Where I live we are going thru a zip code change because of zoning or whatever from the next city. I know thats been happening with other areas in other states also because of the city meetings we have been attending regarding this. So that may be the issue. Like the others said, ship it to the confirmed address on file with paypal.
  5. I finally heard back from the buyer! The USPS zip code is the correct one. I'm so glad I did hear from her. I agree with you guys, it probably would have made it there, but I wanted to be 100% sure. Thanks for the advice!