Confirmation for Orders

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  1. Simple question ...

    Has any of you ladies ever gotten a bag that you ordered BEFORE your SA even told you that it's confirmed?

    Meaning, say you place an order, they say it's placed but not confirmed. You keep waiting and waiting and waiting and then one day, it just shows up.

    ... maybe the question isn't so simple after all. Asking on behalf of the friend who has been waiting desparately for her bag:yes:

  2. Well, until I see the bag, I will always assume it may not come.

    Call me a pessimist, but if u dint pay up for that bag, they are no obliged to give it to you :s

    Same with my SO. I'm waiting, hoping it will come next year. If it doesnt, I will put it at the back of my mind rather than fret over it :supacool:
  3. At FSH, they place an SO for you and tell you that if you don't hear from the atelier, then it's a good sign. Otherwise, they'll only contact you if it's not possible.

    Don't know how it is with any other store, however.
  4. Kou, I was told special orders are never rejected unless you request a color or leather that is not available any longer. In which case, they tell you it cannot be done. Podium orders can be rejected, because they are made with leathers and colors that are currently available. When the SO arrives is anybody's guess.
  5. So it means no news is good news.

    I know how difficult it is for the store to give an indication when your bag will arrive, but the least they can do, is to inform the customer whether or not the order has been accepted, correct? Yet this info is not shared. :s
  6. I SO'd a bag and my store manager said that it should be fine but in any case sometimes needs confirmation from Paris. Sometimes, it could take up to 6 months for Paris to contact the boutique.
  7. I haven't been told either way about mine, except that it has been placed.
  8. That's pretty much what my SM told me.;) If you hear from them, it's usually coz they've rejected it.
  9. Yup, as MrsS says, no news is good news. When my order was placed they said there wouldn't be any word unless there was an issue and 9 months later I got the call saying that my Sapphire Blue had arrived.

  10. Well, I have had both experiences...
    At FSH, watching them write the order, I assume the bag will come without further communication until it arrives...
    At my local store, I placed an order for Sapphire Blue clemence (yes orchids, this is the truth) 3 years ago and no word. I finally worked up the courage to ask and was told there was no confirmation or communication about this so I have no idea if it will ever come but I suspect not.
    Hermes always keeps me guessing...
  11. That sucks, Pepper.
  12. That is a total bummer Pepper. If it's any consolation--mine was done in Fjord, not Clemence. You showed remarkable restraint by waiting a few years before inquiring.
  13. No help from me on this store will always confirm my orders on the spot, and they'll also give me an indication of when I can expect my order. And nearly 100% of the time my order will come in way earlier than expected. I think they are just playing it safe.
  14. Well, the way I figure it, I feel fortunate to have not only one, but multiple bags, so, this helps me be "patient" with my local store. I am not usually a patient person. But I reliably have success with visits to the mothership so that mitigates the pain! There was a thread on whether you stick with one store vs. go to others, and I haven't really had a choice...must utilize the FSH connection whenever possible. It's truly sad because I live walking distance from my local store. I try to be a good customer there, but I also realize that my chances are so much better on the infrequent trips to Paris, that I have to plan to maximize those opportunities....
    As for the sapphire blue, I am going to see if I can convert to Brighton Blue...I think that is my best bet for getting a blue bag.
  15. This is true for me, too, Pepper. And customer service is worlds better at FSH than in other stores where you are almost required to prove yourself worthy of being shown or offered a birkin or kelly. At FSH, they want you to buy the bag you want. It's a completely different shopping experience.