Confirm your waitlist placement w/BalNY!

  1. Just wanted to pass this along so anybody else who needs to can confirm their waitlist placement. When I originally called my regular SA wasn't in so I spoke w/a very nice SA (no names) who took the time to discuss f/w bags w/me. With her help I finally decided to waitlist for two bags - violet twiggy and plomb city w/silver gh. Well, for some reason I decided to call today and confirm my waitlist placement. Spoke w/a different SA (also very nice) and guess what? My name was not down for EITHER bag! I couldn't believe it! Luckily both bags are still available for waitlist so the SA today guaranteed me that my name is on both lists. If you have not confirmed your placement on the waitlist, I recommend you do so ASAP!

    I want to add that I am very happy w/the service I receive at BalNY. I have bought quite a few bags from them and always get great service. :smile: This waitlist issue is the first glitch I have had w/them.
  2. Thanks for the info, I actually experienced this last year. I too was lucky enough to call and confirm and they quickly added me to both lists, but yikes I would have been heartbroken if I had missed out!
  3. Ooh lucky you called!! Can you imagine if it were 4 months down the road when the colors came out? lol You would have been wondering where your bags where!
  4. ^^I know! I was so hesitant to call and bother them, but I am SOOOOO glad I did. I would have been crushed if I did not get my violet twiggy! BalNY says they are pretty limited.
  5. ^I was the same way on Friday, but my Mom said "CALL THEM!" and was so happy when Kim picked up :jammin: Sometimes it's scary cause I've had some less than friendly SA's pick up, so now I'm indimidated lol
  6. so glad i saw this thread! since daphne's been gone, i've had nothing but problems with BalNY! i wish the Barneys in bh didn't suck so much :cursing:
  7. How do waitlists work? Do you have to pay upfront or do they just notifiy you when they come in?? Sorry, I am new to this stuff and so clueless.
  8. Is Daphne on vacation or does she not work there anymore?
  9. She's on vacation. She will be back Thursday.
  10. Waitlist=you leave your name and phone #, they call you when the bag comes in.

    Pre-order=you leave your name, credit card info, they charge your card and ship when the bag comes in.
  11. I'm sorry if this has been addressed in another thread, but can anyone tell me if BalNY is the only one to take wait lists? I was wondering if Aloha Rag does the same thing, because there I wouldn't have to pay tax.


  12. Thanks for the above info.....appreciate it!!
  13. I believe BalNY only charges tax if you live in NY. Otherwise it's free tax and free ground shipping. I think.
  14. whether good or bad, i am a new yorker!