Confidence in Clemence

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  1. The decision to purchase a B or K is a big one - it's expensive, so you want to be sure that you love what you get. Unfortunately, sometimes we don't know what to get, or we just take what is offered.

    I'm always reading questions- is this ok? Is that ok? - especially regarding the leathers. We all have opinions, and at this point I have enough experience with the various leathers to able to share some of them.

    The two leathers that I feel are the most frequently questioned are Epsom and Clemence (aka Taurillon Clemence) Epsom is light, it's structured, but it can't really be fixed like the others. Clemence is very similar to Togo, but it's heavy and prone to slouching. Or is it? Many are worried that the Clemence bags they baby will just slouch and flop and look like a mess. I'm here to ease your fears!!!

    I have had this Rouge H 35cm Birkin for three years. Used it almost daily. Yes, it's heavy, but I stuff it. Sometimes even overstuff it. I'm careful, but I don't baby it. I use and enjoy it. It almost never goes back in the box. And it's never seen an insert. Why'd don't you check it out:


    See any issues? Neither do I. Maybe a bit of slouch on the sides, which would disappear if I added an insert. But, you know...not bad for a bag that has been enjoyed. All I really see it needing is a spa for the corners and maybe a bit on the resin.
  2. Gorgeous bag!! Thank you for sharing!! I love my Clemence Birkins!!
  3. My older clemence rouge H 35 is less slouchy than my BN togo malachite 35B.
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  4. This was helpful, thanks BBC. Your B looks fantastic for almost daily use over 3 years!
  5. Indeed clemence is luscious and takes color very well
  6. Another Clemence lover here BBC.

    Your bag is so lovely! Rouge H is my fave colour too.

    My rouge H Evie had a spa visit a few years ago and came back as good as new.

    Sadly a Birken is out of my weight range but yours would be exactly what I would want if it was practical.
  7. I've always much preferred Clemence over Togo. I love the soft lux touch of TC that Togo doesn't have. I have also noticed recently that some TC bags look and feel more like Togo and vice versa. Togo will slouch over time aswell so I have never understood why most people prefer Togo to TC. Also TC takes colour much better than Togo.

    I have only ever had 1 bag in Togo and sold it. Now I have a TC SO bag that feels like Togo and I'm not happy about it.
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  8. Clemence is absolutely my favorite. I have a Sakura 30 and Gold 35 that are both clemence and wonderful. The heavy veining on togo really turns me off to it and, like others above, I don't think it takes the colors as well.
  9. Your Clemence Birkin looks great! I used to have a Clemence Victoria II tote and it was absolutely divine. That bag didn't really have structure to begin with so it ended being a very soft and buttery pool of leather but it felt amazing to the touch.

    I've always considered Clemence, and Swift to be my favorite leathers from Hermes.
  10. what about the "rubbing" of corners? i mean the corners of the bag looking smoother than the rest of the bag.. my K32 in clemence is practically new and i see a little bit of this..i'm not even sure I put them there.. does this happen only to clemence or also on other leathers such as togo??? any experts...?
  11. Yes, clemence, swift, and box are my favorite leathers. I cant get myself to like togo and epsom because of the touch.
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  12. My Togo Kelly also, I believe it is natural.
  13. I have fjord, swift, Togo and clemence and swift is least slouchy. It can also be that I have used it less than other. Of course, a new bag wouldn't have this problem.

    I actually love a little bit slouchy Birkin.
  14. Wow!! It looks fantastic for a 3 year old bag!! I just bought the exact same bag in the exact same combination and I was so afraid to use it. After seeing your pictures I won't shy away from using it. Thanks for sharing
  15. I wholeheartedly agree Duna and the color saturation of TC wins me over every time. It's truly my leather of choice, I am heavy bag user, overfilled to the brim daily, lol....i also feel it refurbishes better as does get slouchier in a 40, but it's so sexy...:graucho::graucho::graucho: and when i've bought a Togo 40, i feel as though i am carrying a briefcase,not an elegant casual tote. I am also a Togo convert! i have a colvert 40B on SO in clemence ..i cannot wait!