Confessions of a Teen Idol on VH1

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  1. OMG I was in love with David Chokachi and "hobie" a.k.a. Jeremy Jackson on Baywatch!!!!! ok, so I know Jeremy def looks like an ex-meth addict (and he is) but he's just so amazing looking!

    And don't even get me started on Eric Nies!!!! hotties! Eric was way hotter and cooler back in the Real World and Grind days, but he has a much better personality now...all naturalistic and hippyish!

    I'm so into this show bc I really wanna see if they're able to "make a comeback...and bc it's nice to see them being "humbled" lol
  2. I am watching this show and Eric..oh man..did I have a crush on him...:drool:

    Jeremy is a little rough looking too..but still looks kind of hot to me lol. I was suprised at his age, I thought he looked older that he really is.
  3. I have only seen one episode. They were behind the glass at a panel discussion about themselves...

    The were all seemingly crushed about negative commentary geared toward their appearance. Do they not realize their teen idol status was based 97% on their looks and maybe 3% talent!?
  4. I was suprised at how brutal those comments were. I mean, some were overboard IMO.

    No the guys weren't going to look like they did 15-20 years ago. But they weren't that bad.

    And the women giving the insults...I just thought if the old saying " Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones..." gosh...Eric STILL looks HOT without a gosh!! :sweatdrop:
  5. SO glad they convinced eric to shave!!!! talk about how amazing he looks just after that! the hair could have gone a little shorter but did not look that bad even after being washed and trimmed. yummy!

    and i didn't watch baywatch.. but jeremy jackson... omigod... HOTTIE. loved his long hair... i was nervous about the cut... but now he looks so much more mature!! loved it.
  6. Yes, Eric could have gone with a shorter hair cut, but the shave made a big difference!

    Heck, with that body he can had long hair, short hair or no hair...;) :drool:

    And yes..:tup: to Jeremy Jackson!!

    He looked good before but with the cut...:sweatdrop: