Confessions of a Mulberry-holic...

  1. i did just that the other day! hahaha
    oh my, like what i'm doing now!
  2. Ditto - but mine was a hessian supermarket recycling bag - I was about to do a Sainsburys shop and popped my poor Roxy in it on the journey to and from the carpark!!! (she is still traumatised!!).....
  3. Hmmmn - you weren't wearing black cloaks with red linings were you!!!.......
  4. I did that yesterday :lol: well only had my ( first Mulberry Alexa) a few days ....

    PP x
  5. When you beg your husband to take his jacket off to cover your bag, when you get out of the car in a downpour .....

    Well Tuesday was the first day out with my first Mulberry, and sunny when we went out .... he never :nogood: but did get me a plastic bag from boot of our car :roflmfao:

  6. When you "baby" your beauties to such an extent that you always carry wet wipes for the sole purpose of rubbing down the table tops in coffee shops so Roxy can sit happily without getting a dirty bottom (!) - but the next hazard is not spilling your latte all over her!!...:biggrin:
  7. Me too!!.....:biggrin:
  8. Me too!!.....:biggrin:
  9. When you sneak to the loo at work with your phone several times in an hour to obsessively look through the online sale items deciding what you 'need'...
  10. Anyone noticing must think you have a bladder infection lmao :smile:
  11. Hmmm good point... Maybe I can have tomorrow off... :giggles:
  12. I order mine online and had two, OMG two delivered to work yesterday.

    I hid the packages under my desk & didn't dare let anyone see what was inside. I had to skulk to the car to open them & nearly jumped out of my skin when someone knocked on the window.:wtf:

    Then had to smuggle them home.........................:panic:

    and the Sales haven't even started
  13. Haha did you take the day of for your bladder infection?? (mulberry research) :smile:))
  14. Lol unfortunately not... Decided to save it for the m sale...! :biggrin:

    Although wishing I had, it's such a duvet day today :storm:
  15. Haha good ploy I think that bladder infection of yours my well be very bad say Thursday of next week? ;)