Confessions of a Mulberry-holic...

  1. *Borrowed from the LV and Hermes threads but thought this could be fun!

    You know you are a Mulberry addict, when:

    I'll start!

    "You know you're a Mulberry addict when you dash to FOUR Mulberry stores in your lunch break on the first day of sales, and deliver your purchases to your friend's office to hide your addiction from your colleagues!"
  2. When the most enjoyable thing about my course in London was Mulberry bag spotting during the Underground commute! Hehe.
  3. When you look at the website and eBay everyday............:smile:
  4. Seeing people with Mulberry bags simply brighten my day. Spotting fakes however isn't.
  5. When you go into the shops to buy and you know as much about the bags if not more than the shop assistant!
  6. When you start having dreams of the (next..) Mulberry bag you've set your eyes on during the night... I really 'saw' them in my sleep, lol ;)
  7. When you hear the words "red onion" and immediately think of the leather colour rather than the vegetable........
  8. When you have more mulberry bags than you know what to do with
  9. Sunblock I was thinking about your unrivalled collection and laughed out loud at this comment! Hope you are feeling better about your upcoming op x
  10. When your collection is so big you could have got a new car!
  11. when you furiously corrects the names of the mulberry bags that reseller posted online. Everything is "mulberry tote" or "shoulder bag" to them.
  12. The only room that doesn't contain a Mulberry is the bathroom.....:lolots:
  13. When you use your umbrella to cover your Mulberry bag rather than your head! :lol:
  14. ^^and when the Mulberry gets her own seat! In the car, on the sofa, at dinner... (mine also get covered if I'm out at dinner, maybe with my coat or a scarf because accidents do happen!)
  15. When you drive the whole family bonkers about your lovely handbags.