Confessions of a Coach Leather-a-holic...

  1. As much as I loved the brown signature gigi I just picked up at PCE, I realized that, when it comes to certain bags, I'm a leather addict at heart. I had to trade my brown signature gigi for a whiskey leather one, and I LOVE it! I know I made the right choice. The whiskey legacy leather remains my all time favorite.:tup:

    I think the signature fabric on the other gigi was too much of a good thing for me. I still love my brown signature ali slim flap and brown sig legacy swingpack. When it comes to Gigi, though, I'm in love with the leather.

    I'm sure my SA thinks I'm a nut.:nuts:

    But now I'm a happy nut!:p

    I was able to get the only one in our store, and it had just come in, so the PCE angels were smiling on me!

    I REALLY wanted to pick up the legacy whiskey shoulder bag but kept my resolve and left it at the store. It was a real test of my willpower!
    gigi_whiskey1 (Large).JPG gigi_w2 (Large).JPG gigi_w3 (Large).JPG gigi_w4 (Large).JPG
  2. Aaaaaah, you got my baby! Well, I think it was a wise choice. I think the leather is just so much more...I don't know, but I know I love it and I am totally jealous, but very happy for you! And congrats on restraining yourself on the shoulder bag - although my friend has it and totally loves it and uses it all the time :devil:
  3. I know I would just love it....but I made myself a promise and I'm grumbling and complaining but I'm keeping the **&*((! promise!

    Are you going to get this bag for PCE? I will send you good luck fairies so you can have your dream bag!:p
  4. hahaha, yeah don't you just hate those promises? I REALLY want this bag for the PCE, but I just feel bad spending that much (even after the PCE discount), since I am still a student. But, I'm not a totally broke student (I'm a grad student, and supported by scholarships and teaching assistantships), sooo...I could afford it for now, technically, but my DH would be so choked if I spent this much. I bought a Penelope back in the Spring, and he almost freaked when I told him how much $$ it was. I would feel guilty but I just really really want a brown bag for work/school because the only big one I have is the Penelope. Anyway, my friend and I are going shopping this weekend and I promised myself I could get something from COACH only if I finished this paper that I'm working on by maybe I'll cave in and suffer the DH consequences later!:graucho:
  5. Love the leather! Good choice.
  6. I tried on the Clay Gigi at Nordies. I LOVED it. It was too heavy for me, but I just loved the way it looked. I liked it much better than the legacy shoulder bag...don't know why. If it wasn't too heavy...I'd be very interested in it. It looks absolutely wonderful on you, Tejas mama~~!
  7. I am really considering returning my sig stripe tote for the whiskey gigi! I wanted that sig stripe tote so bad and now that I have it, well it's a little underwhelming. I think maybe I'm starting to not like the khaki signature as much as I used to....I think you made a great choice. The legacy leather is tdf! It's beautiful!
  8. love the's GORGEOUS!!
  9. She's sooooooo beautiful!
  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am sooooooo glad you got the color you REALLY wanted!
  11. Congrats - she's a beauty! Enjoy wearing her!!
  12. I have to admit, that bag does look much nicer in leather. Congrats on a great purchase!

    A totally agree about the leather - I've also become a leather nut! I love the leather and find that the only signature styles I like are on the totes (great for work), and only in one color (black on black, choc on choc).
  13. Very pretty!!! I tried that bag on at Macy's and really liked how vintage it looked. I haven't gotten it yet but its on my "maybe" list. Plus I haven't decided on a color yet. I have to agree with you, I like this much better in the leather (no offense to the signature lovers out there!)
  14. Thank you, ladies, for your kind words. I've felt like a Class A Dolt for not being able to make up my mind, but I have always loved the legacy leather but tried to talk myself out of it since it's a bit heavier. It's really worth it, though, because I can see myself carrying this bag for years to come!

    Worrelsj--if you're really thinking about it, maybe you could go to a store and try one on? This is a great time to get it. I returned a different tote, so this was no out of pocket for me, and I'm just so much happier with it than the other bag.

    Luvshopping==I agree that some bags look best in signature and others in leather. For me and gigi, it's the leather!:tup:
  15. She looks very yummy!!!! Congrats!!!