Confessions of a CL Lurker

Jan 7, 2010
Hi Ladies!! I have a small confession, I've been purusing around a lot of CL collections here and must say I am amazed and inspired from many of you. Needless to say, I've done almost no work today at the office, and instead chose to stalk Net-a-Porter and trying to get a pair (would be my first pair) of classic go-to black stilletoes with a red sole.

Everyday for the past few weeks, I've been going to these sites and selecting the Black Patent Pigalle 120s and hoping when I press the size button that they will have a such luck. And after reading up more and more on the brand, it was looking like I would never get a pair.

But today, to my surprise, NAP had a pair of Pigalle 120 black patent pumps in a size 37. WHOO-HOOO!!!:yahoo:

This will be my first pair of CLs and I'm sure it won't be my last! I have my eye on the Lucifer Bows:graucho:

Does anyone out there have any advice? Do most of you get your CL's re-soled with rubber? Should I practice walking in them before I go anywhere? Any tips you can offer are greatly appreciated!! :smile:

BTW, as soon as I got the confirmation from NAP, I checked back to see if the size I chose were still available and they weren't, so I'm kind of gloating, but I just know me and these shoes are meant to be :biggrin:


Jan 25, 2010
Haha u sound just like me!

Welcome to the CL's a naughty addiction indeed :biggrin:

Oh and we need modelling pics when u get them.


Jan 27, 2010
Definitely sounds like it was meant to be! Enjoy them and show us pix! There is a great thread around here somewhere on fitting and wearing Pigalle's... I will see if I can find it. Welcome to the addiction. :devil:
Jan 7, 2010
WOW Yousofine thanks for the link! Reading it now and this is exactly what i was looking for!!
Kett and Minamiz, I'm so excited, will def post pictures...just praying that they fit nice and snug since I've never tried CL's on before.
Thanks Lauren looks like I barely scraped the tip of the CL forum iceberg


Jul 27, 2008
congrats and welcome foxcieyello! remember, we were all new once before... you'll get the hang of it in no time. this forum is a wealth of information! :flowers:


Aug 20, 2008
East Coast US
Congrats and good luck on your first pair of CLs.
The pigalles 120s are my favorite and I'm sure you'll love them!!!

You might want to practice a bit but if you wear high heels regularly you shouldn't need too much practice.


Sep 15, 2008
Congrats!!! The pigalle 120 was my first pair too!!! When I bought them I said, "I'm going to by one more everyday pair, and that's it!" Yeah right...20 pairs later (and that's nothing compared to some of the other girls here) and i'm still going-Welcome to the addiction!!
Post pics when you get them!!


Dec 26, 2009
Never Never Land
COngrats on your first pair and WELCOME to the ADDICTION :graucho: !!!!
There will be MANY more after this! hehe. Make sure you post modeling pics here when you get them!!! :yahoo:


Orange Pyramid
May 24, 2006
Hi! Welcome to the CL subforum!

I'd love to see pics of your Pigalles when you get them. Please post when you do.

As for general advice, I always encourage people to try on the shoe before they buy. I know online shopping is very popular, but I prefer the old-fashioned method. Nothing beats going into the store, seeing the shoes' breathtaking glory IRL, and taking the pair you're in love with home in a brown box with matching bag. You also get to make sure the style works for your feet and that you don't end up with scratches or damaged material, which is overlooked by some SAs or occurs during shipment.

Red rubber soles are a good option. I prefer to get that done after I've worn the shoes a couple of times first, and make sure to find a reputable cobbler who's familiar with the brand. I've got some recommendations, if you need them. Feel free to PM me anytime.