Confessions of a Chloe Girl...(fun)

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  1. Those wedges are awesome - love them, you should keep them. Like totally !!!!!

    Some crazy girls confessions here at the moment. Love reading. Good crazy though, like me.
  2. Those are some fabulous shoes!

  3. I think we are all the good kind of crazy... :P Or at least I hope I'm the good crazy and not the bad crazy! :nuts:
  4. My confess today for this Chloe paddy ( see link) I am so bad , really bad, I can not help myself to resist this color , I saw it listed with light blue , which is I really want to have, but the color showed in the photo is not light blue. Anyway, whatever for the color, I will take it... I believed I ordered the last one at Nordies online.'paddington'_leather_padlock_satchel:249966&cm_ven=bizrate&mr:referralID=c63d01b8-6390-11de-a19a-000423c27407

    I am so bad right? My wallet get huge damage this season.

  5. Oh wow, congrats! I forget the name of the blue, but it's lovely! Simply stunning. :drool:You'll just have to be good and go on a bag ban now LovePink!:P
  6. Doooh! That just happened to me - everything at once and I was convinced they were all equally scarce ....$2000 later - OUCH!!!!

    SO boy-oh-boy do I have a reveal thread coming up :P. Small black betty, chocolate silverado, edith muscade double pocket, Bal city in raisin and a Miu Miu pink shoulder bag from NAP.

    Oh well, bags (not heads) will have to roll now. I still trying to decide who's head is on the chopping block.

    I don't want to encourage anyone else into such recklessness. It really was a bit silly of me and I have been pretty stressed out about it!
  7. WOW! I can't wait for your reveal thread! :nuts: You're allowed to splurge a little, you don't do it all the time, so it balances out :smile:

    Maybe you should go on a ban now though.... :P

  8. Oh yeah - so on a ban now! And in my (lame) defence I had only bought one bag this year, and of course there won't be anymore this year :nuts:

    And in case everyone thought I had a bad case of rationalisation, I gave the choc silverado 'rare' status (otherwise not uncommon) because it was a brand new 05!

    And I only accidentally bought the Bal city - but that story is so crazy no one would believe me :biggrin:
  9. #639 Jun 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2009
    haha, I'd love to hear how you accidentally bought the bal!:P

    You are very lucky to get an 05 Silverado in brand new condition though - that was a Must-Buy! Looking forward to the pics of that one. The silverado is the only bag I have 2 of - just can't part with either of them.

    And if you do stick to your ban and not buy any more bags this year, it works out to what, 6 bags a year? That's only getting one every 2 months - very reasonable timeframe I would say.;)
  10. Thanks for the moral support Qwerty. And I read you had a bad experience treating your silverado? Def do not try at home?!?!?! I bought some apple conditioner from an Aussie Bal forum girl but I've been to scared to try it on the silverado.

    Oh and the Bal story - I'll save it for my reveal thread. I'll have to think of a clever way to explain what I did without getting someone in trouble :nogood:

    Oh and did I mention what a bargain all my purchases were :rolleyes:
  11. hehe, of course the bags were a bargain - that's why we buy them :nuts:

    I have had a tough time with my tan silverado, poor thing. Apple conditioner is highly recommended by lots of the ladies though so I would use that - just remember to test a little bit first. And wait a few days to see if the leather reacts, leaving it overnight is not enough time to tell if there are any side effects (in my unfortunate experience). Test it out on the pockets at the side first IMO - when they have the flap down you can't see any mistakes you might have made ;)

    I look forward to your reveal thread once all your bags arrive safely :smile:
  12. Wow woody, I'm glad I'm not alone! Yes, I'm very eager to see all that you've picked up. I'm hoping soon that cool stuff will quit popping up. But for now there's no end in site!
  13. ^ well the Miu Miu arrived but she just aint a Chloe :wacko:. I don't think I am feeling the love so I will be relieved if that is one bag less. I am just checking out NAP's return policy :reading:.

    Gosh this is a time consuming and expensive hobby, I need to go back to scrapbooking :whiteflag:
  14. Don't know if it is a good thing or bad thing you didn't like the miu miu bag :thinking:
    But I am usually happy when I don't like a bag I was lusting about for a longtime, my next purchase will feel like a bargain after I deduct the cost of the returned bag :nuts:
  15. I love how you accidentally bought it - thats my new excuse for next time.
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