Confessions of a Chloe Girl...(fun)

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  1. You found another tall Silverado boots!!!:faint: You lucky lucky girl!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: I don't see a black silverado boots very often at all. I got to see the pictures!!!

    Yes, I bought the 3 buckle booties in the lighter brown color like whiskey color. I bought a pair of Paddington boots last month but they were fake. So disappointing.:crybaby:

    Do you wear your Silverado boots in rainy days?
  2. I am attempted to buy a same exact bag or shoes I already have, too.:nuts: You know just incase one wear out or something. I have not actually done it yet. Thanks goodness.

    I do like tending my purses with lmb's pro treatment. I feel like I am having a special moment with my purse.

  3. Yeah, I was so floored to have grabbed another pair in the tall style! :party:
    I actually negotiated with the seller privately. That's how I'm able to get my hands on a number of special items.
    As soon as I get them, I'll post the pic. The ebay listing pics were lousy!

    Congrats on your new Silverado's! :yahoo: I can't beleive 3 years later they're still a hot buy!
    Although I had no idea there are fake Paddy boots! I always thought the fakes came in bags, but I've never noticed many fake Chloe shoes. So sorry to hear. :sad:
  4. You wouldn't beleive how many older styles I am huntng for!! Maybe you would.:nuts:

    I have to confess. I am very mad at my DH now and it is soooo easy to buy things during this time.:P

  5. haha, I find it's easier to justify buying bags when I'm angry or upset too! that's how I broke my 3 and a half month ban, walked into the store to just look at some Chloes and get cheered up....walked out with a bag! :nuts:
  6. Yes, I find shopping while crabby is a great fix. :lol:

    kbnkch, I have several older style Chloe bags I'm on the hunt for. Problem is they're so much more expensive than a pair of shoes. And honestly I don't get out of the house often enough to carry or wear all that I have.

    Would love to grab an Edith though. ;)

  7. Finally after a long search :faint:someone like me - but does this make me less weird?:thinking:
    Or now I know that there is another :nuts: person like me:lol:

    I have the collector mentality too, I buy 2 identical bags one to use and the other one to store

    I still believe that Bags are more expensive than shoes ;)
  8. omg i am the same, but I'm not limited to shoes.
  9. It's awful isn't it? This inability to control oneself? :lol:
    I have to, there is no choice! But I gotta get that last pair! :graucho: Yes, the ravings of a hopless addict.
  10. I have to confess. After taking all my bags out for some family photos, I felt little sick seeing all those purse. I have never felt that way about my Chloe before.:sad: I don't feel bad about my shoes at all yet.:nuts:
  11. I feel that way too a little - but then I think - I should probably get rid of one... and have a really hard time deciding which one needs to go (and I'll sell one)... and then end up using funds to buy another one... kind of an endless cycle
  12. I need more HELP and opinions!!!

    Ok, I bought these MIU's over 2 weeks ago and I owe the seller the $380 for them. I sold several items but my buyers aren't paying me, hence it's tough to get payment out. Now I'm balancing between wanting another Chloe bag! I'm a shoe collector, so I think the shoes are worth it. Been looking for these forever! But the desire for a new Chloe is overwhelming. OK, I don't know what my question is, I'm just in panic-mode!

    Am I crazy to get the shoes over a bag?

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  13. NOT AT ALL!!:nogood:

    There are stunningly gorgeous wedge. :faint::faint::faint: Now what are they called?;)
  14. Please don't Panic :nogood:
    You replied to your own NOt question, it is confusing :huh:
    You are a shoe collector so adding to the collection is always the priority.
    You were looking for these beautiful miu miu forever, and you didn't even name the Chloe bag that you want to keep the shoes...
    You can always buy a Chloe bag later !!!!
    And yes you are little crazy, but the good crazy :P
    Now I understand what your avatar is all about :graucho:
  15. Thanks ladies, I did realize after posting that what the obvious thing to do is.

    kbnkch: theses are MIU MIU Baroque wedges. Not sure if they have another name. Yes, I'm in love. :love:

    Yeah Juda, you're very right about taking priority for my true passion. It's hard when everyday I'm finding new and great deals and I literally can't choose between it all. I hate finding everything at once, and not have the $2000 or so dollars to pick it all up. I know, excessive! I suppose the rarest should take priority. Thanks for the reinforcement.
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