Confessions of a Chloe Girl...(fun)

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  1. I have just bought my first Chloe but haven't received her yet. I have been admiring them every time I go into a store that carries them but since I just spent mucho bucks on a Bottega Veneta bag, my funds for another full price designer bag are limited. I made my initial foray into Ebay and decided to take a chance on an '06 Chocolat Paddington satchel that appears to be in excellent condition-originally purchased by the seller from Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hill, CA. Can't wait to get her. But don't you know, I was back to looking at the new ones in different colors at Nordstrom's yesterday and wishing that I could get another!

  2. You are mad... regular paddies are too similar to gym bags!
    Stick to baby size, raquel!
  3. OK! Then I can only think in baby ones ;)...
    Anyway, I can´t believe that regular ones are so heavy...but I have never seen or tried a real one IRL.
  4. i would love to own a baby paddy!but my only two are regulars and they are fine size wise...
  5. Liliana, are they so heavy as I think, more than a Bay...???
  6. I have a confession to make. I'm a hopeless shoe addict. Espcially on Chloes. I bought 2 pairs of Chloe's off ebay the last 10 days. I also bought a pair of MIU wedges 2 weeks ago and the seller is working with me on payment time frames as I'm now sinking into shoe debt.
    I'm selling like mad on ebay to pay for my now 3 pairs of shoes. Including selling other Chloes. I bought a pair of Stella McCartney boots too about 3 weeks ago.
    I can't stop. Now I'm looking at a pair of Prada's that I've been dying to get my hands on.
    Please tell me I'm not the only one! :hysteric:
  7. Could I be in the wrong forum??? :lol:

  8. haha, no if I could afford Chloe shoes I soo would get them! brown bay boots especially. Or paddington boots. Any kind of Chloe boots! :nuts:
  9. I wish we wear same size!!

    Which chloe did you buy? Do post the pics in the chloe shoes thread, too.:yes:

    I bought a pair of silverado booties, yesterday. I have two pair already but These are in a different color. Well at least I am hoping they are in different color.:P It was hard to tell from pics.

    And I got a purse, too.:yahoo: I will do my updated family photos soon.
  10. Maryjane - sounds like some serious addiction happening :smile: Since when is that ever considered abnormal around here :smile:

    I like to save my splurging for the bags themselves... I don't currently own any designer shoes, but do have a thing for expensive sunglasses...

    If my budget allowed I'd have a ton of chloe shoes to go with my bags.

    Shoes in general though - love em, get much more of a kick out of new shoes and bags than clothes (that's for sure)... I've bought 3 pairs of shoes this week! eek. All were on sale, and hadn't bought any shoes for a while... that's my excuse anyway.

    I'm am currently sitting at the computer in one pair of new shoes with socks and leather stretching spray soaking into the toes, I am determined to make them a half size bigger - so they will technically fit me :smile:

  11. Yes, I would love to see an update of what you picked up! Which Silverado's did you get? Were they the 3 buckle in a size 36? I wear a 37. I found another pair of knee high Silverado's with the 3 buckles but in black. And I felt it was a steal compared to what I paid for my other pair. The second Chloes are a pair of brown leather pumps, another style I've had my eye on for a while and got them fairly cheap too. As soon as they arrive I will post a family update too. :yes:

    DRR: In all honesty I feel right at home here with my Chloe sisters. You can share, divuldge,'s a place of acceptance. :tender:
    I totally love Chloe bags, but it's hard for me to justify one bag when I can buy 2 to 3 pairs of designer shoes instead. For me it's always been shoes first and bags second.
    But I'm with you on shoes and bags over clothes. I love clothes too! But not as much as the others. Every once in a while there's a designer collection I fall in love with and wait for the sales and maybe pick up one or 2 items- especially from ebay. But that's it.
    Do you have a shoe stretcher? I bought one several months ago because of my wide feet. Happy stretching!
  12. I wish I had a shoe addiction, shoes are less expensive than bags :graucho:
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    My confession is there are some purses, like one of the Chloe's, in my collection that are solely to hold, look at, touch, etc. but not use w/ the exception of only a few times for a small number of them. They are collector items for me, and I am fine w/ spending a lot of money on them just for that purpose of sitting around. Two main reasons for this: 1.) They are far too hard to find like they are obsolete. 2.) Unpatented/unglazed leather is such a bi-atch to take care of, you have to avoid the sunny/dry days and the rainy/snowy/hail/wet days, so then you just wait for the in between days? I don't think so. That's far too much of a hassle. Apple Guard can only do so much and spending on it for the maintenance adds up too quickly for my taste. I have a LovingMyBags cleanser/conditioner for just 26 bucks or something, but I am trying to make it last longer than just a few months.
    Oh, and I also have bought two or more of the exact same bag (if it was good enough) in the exact same style/color before so that one would be a collector's item and the other was for use (if they weren't on the pricey side).
    The Chloe bags are different from one another in my collection though.
    I'm thinking about making my 07 Paddy the one that I'll use when I can, and the 05 Paddy the one that I will have as a collector's item even though they are not the same style or color.

    Then, there are other bags in my collection that I do use, but I would mind discarding even years and years from now after continuous use just not mind nearly as much as my "collector's items".
  14. I agree...I prefer bags too :biggrin:.
  15. Shoes are not only less expensive but are so much easier to transport and store. They take up a lot less space and fit into a small-ish box. Too bad I'm not really into shoes.
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