Confessions from a Balenciaga Addict + updated collection pics

  1. My Balenciaga addiction began pretty much the day that I discovered this forum. Innocently looking for some information about a Chanel bag I was going to purchase I ended up over here and couldn't believe all of the different colors I was seeing. Everything looked fabulous :nuts: and I wanted one of EVERYTHING! I knew I wanted the first style but really needed to get a handle on which colors I wanted so I didn't end up buying things that would sit in my closet and never see the light of day again.

    Now that I am getting closer to completing my collection, I thought I would share some updated pictures, plus my creation for helping me determine what colors to chase after. As you can tell, I really like BRIGHT colors. I know creating my own color chart really sounds kinda stupid and probably qualifies me for some 6 step program to kick my Balenciaga addiction...but it really has helped me narrow things down and as a result, I have NOT regreted a single purchase.

    My color chart from top to bottom (ultimate collection)

    Eggplant '04, Violet '07, Lilac '04, Lilac '06 (yes, purple is my favorite color!)
    Turquoise '05, Blueberry '06
    Apple Green '05, Seafoam '04, Pistachio '04
    Orange '04, Yellow '04
    Rouge Theatre '05, Magenta '05


    Now onto my current collection pictures :graucho: My '04 Lilac is missing from this picture, but otherwise this is what I've been able to hunt down in the last year. :yahoo:

    Now I think I need a neutral color in a larger size that I can use I will probalby have to create another chart for that! ;)

    I want to blame (thank :flowers:) everyone that participates on this forum for feeding my addiction and allowing me to share my collection.

    Am I the only one that creates their own color chart in order to determine what to purchase? With all the fabulous colors released each season, how do you decide?
    IMG_2022A.JPG Balcolors.jpg IMG_2016A.JPG
  2. Wow:nuts:

    What an amazing collection! Congratulations. All your bags are TDF:drool:
  3. Let me be the first to tell you that you have an extraordinary collection. Beyond.

    What color is the blue on the bottom right? Is that aqua?

    This is a really fun thing to collect, isn't it? We all love it!

    You should try a sandstone city or twiggy. Try it at the store before you buy so that you know which size will be better for you. Your pics really made my day! Congrats!
  4. amazing! thanks for your color chart and pics!
  5. beautiful range of colors
  6. WOW!! :nuts: What a gorgeous collection!! I love the range of color you have!!
  7. Great collection. Love all of your colors.:drool::drool:
  9. :woohoo::drool::woohoo:WHAT AN AMAZING RAINBOW!!!
  10. Lightblue,it's fun we have had the same idea at the same moment!!!:lol:
  11. Thanks siri anne, lebagfairy, knn, Bags4Bubbles, kiki63, lightblue84, and anilouann for your kinds words!

    Shasta - That's funny you mentioned Sandstone because right now I am between Sandstone and Natural in the Twiggy and Day. I know I've got to check both colors and styles out in person to make this decision...but right now I'm leaning toward Sandstone.
  12. :drool: Gorgeous collection, Amber! Makes me want to be a bit more daring and buy a few colorful bags! I tend to stick w/the neutrals.

    Thank you so much for the pics of eggplant and violet side by side. I cannot wait for my violet twiggy!
  13. Wow!!! :drool: :drool: :drool:
  14. Your collection is stunningly gorgeous!:yes:
  15. i love love the array of colors!!