Confessions anyone?

  1. Does anyone wear cubic zirconia and tell people that it's diamond?
    Anybody wear silver and tell people that it's gold?
    Are you honest about your costume jewelry or do you leave out the details and let people think what they want?
    I have a fab pair of cubic zirconia hoops, set in silver and they look absolutely real- like diamonds in white gold.
    I do not tell anyone they are not real......
    I've almost convinced myself that they are real since they look so good!
    Does that make me a liar?:graucho:
  2. Forgive me, I too have sinned. I tell people my cubic zirconia rings are real all the time. No one knows, the just look really impresses and say something nice about it!
  3. No I never do this. However, I actually prefer sterling silver to white gold.
  4. I say wear what you long as it looks good and you're happy, that's all that matters.
  5. I haven't, but I'm not going to hold that against you. :p What porkchopz says if your happy thats all the matters.
  6. That's so funny! I've done it - and I'm not ashamed. I've got real ones and fake ones and I'm proud of all of them! If the fake ones look that good it's not my fault if people think they're real (hee hee). :graucho:
  7. Nope not me. I do wear CZ - I have a pair of tiny studs for the second holes in my ears. I'd just tell people they're CZ and I got them for £2.95! My Mum left a pair in a hotel once and the owner rang up telling us she'd left her diamond earrings behind v.funny, I think she admitted it too as she was proud they'd only cost her a fiver.
  8. Great thread!!! My SIL has beautiful diamonds and likes to throw in a CZ here and there. I can not do it!! Funny enough she has a necklace I have been in love with for years and thought my brother was the best husband ever for buying her this beauty....YEARS later it comes to light after many bottles of wine that its CZ...I NEVER knew...So! sometimes you really can not tell!!! I have not bought anything as of yet...but I would if something looked interesting!
  9. That's how I feel, because I'm fortunate enough to have real diamonds as well....but some of these cz pieces I've seen are unbelievable!! I can't tell the difference and I am pretty good with jewelry!
  10. I personally would NEVER tell someone my costume jewelry was real!! I think that is kinda tacky...just like telling someone your designer hand bag is real when it is fake.

    The only costume jewelry I have is a pair of CZ studs...if people compliment me on them, I always say thanks. If they ask me where I got them, etc I tell them that they are CZs.
  11. It is because I would feel so nervous and uncomfortable about being in this situation, I have never worn diamonds stimulants or any costume jewelry for that matter. However, I've been reading a lot about cultured diamonds, which are slowly coming into the market. Unlike CZ or moisanite, these are actually real diamonds, but made in a lab starting with a small chip of mined diamond that is put under extreme pressure (apparently, to get a 2 ct stone that is white, takes around 2 weeks). If these become easy to purchase, I would wear them and have no problem saying they were real.
  12. i have some 3ct diamonique (qvc) studs that are platinum clad, i have never said they are real but people automatically assume they are because of the area with live in. 30 bucks!!!
  13. I mix and match. In fact on a recent cruise vacation I wore a cz engagement ring and band. I wore my "real" set while on board but didn't want to wear it in some of the ports or while snorkeling.

    I do sometimes wear cz studs but I wear alot of chunky bead stuff also (my favorite site for purchasing funky beads is Sam Moon Trading Online).

    I always wonder what would possess people to ask if my jewelry is real (or hair color, or nails etc). I would never lie but I am always a bit taken aback. It just seems really personal and I wonder why if it looks good it really matters???!!?!?!
  14. I usually buy cz if I want to test drive a style. I will wear it for a few days and then hand them over to my stepdaughters.
    It's how I figured out I REALLY want the diamond by the yard and DON'T want anything but round diamond studs.
    If someone asks during the trial run, I will tell the truth!
  15. I have nothing against CZ, I just don't wear much as far as rings these days.

    Funny, once I was at a gas station and some guy followed me out staring at my 3 carat ring before saying how sparkly it was. I was scared so I lied and said, "oh it's fake" :laughs: