Confessional - I just ate a bag of swedish fish

  1. you know the bright red cherry gummy ones.

    I was driving back in to LA and got a major sugar craving.

    omg I feel sick and even though I know I thoroughly enjoyed the massive sugar rush, ammends must be made. I am therefore, confessing to the PF so you can all see my Scarlett Fish Letter.

  2. Aww :sad: It's okay, I just ate a big bag of almonds that was supposed to last me all week.

    "All week"....yeah right.
  3. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: ! That is HILARIOUS! I LOVE Swedish Fish! If I were going to eat an entire bag of anything, it would probably be Swedish Fish! Don't feel too bad about it. Aren't they fat free? Just look at it THAT way! So, in reality, they're pretty good for you!:idea: :yes:
  4. omg fat free??! you rock. you are my favorite person at this very moment at this very point in time. when my pants do not fit tomorrow I will repeat what you said 'but they are fat free...."

  5. first, mona, i ADORE your avatar! my bulldog sniffs every one of my new bags with that very same expression on her face.

    and second, i need a big chocolate-colored letter, because i'm eating a Frosty from Wendy's. i splurge on the weekends a little, because it makes me disgusted enough with myself to be good the rest of the week and also something to look forward to for being good. so it's sunday, you get a pass!
  6. I love Swedish fish!:love: Mmm, and gummi bears! I think you deserve a full pardon, who could possibly resist their gummy,fruity,chewy goodness? :yes:
  7. Hahaha I need a Scarlett Fish letter too. The grocery store had a hyoooooge bag of them today (like an entire lb) so I bought one bag of them and one bag of the sour watermelon slices.

    So dangerous to have in the house!

    You have great taste in candy though!
  8. No need to feel bad I ate, whoppers, juicy fruits, potatoe chips, and a few nuts. I did this through out the day but thats really bad!
  9. thank you!! My brother and his girlfriend used to have a bulldog that I adored, but she got custody of him when they split and I haven't seen mr.bulldog in over 3 years :cry:

    now as for the sunday garbage eatery and m-f "doing it right" regime, I totally feel you because this is my mainstay of neuroticism and I am so glad to actually share that dysfunction with someone other than myself. !!! :roflmfao:
  10. oh man, we sell the movie theater-size bags of those watermelon slices at work and they're sooooooooo good. i don't even like watermelon. who knew working at best buy would be so calorie-filled...
  11. OMG Amanda! I love the frosties! Everytime I pass a Wendy's I always have to stop and get one!:lol::flowers:
  12. awww, poor mr. bulldog. i don't know what i'd do without mine :cry:. yours looks like a mastiff, am i right? i love all bull breeds, they're so loyal and wonderful :yes:

    and the m-f diet totally works! it's a little up and down and possibly a tad insane, but i've lost going on 20 lbs this summer doing it! by the end of the weekend, i feel like total and utter crap, it's great motivation to be good. by the time i forget that yummy food makes me want to die, it's toward the end of the week and i can usually hold out until saturday morning after my weight watchers meeting :biggrin:. i feel like poo right now, i'm so ready to feel NOT full.
  13. yes he's a french mastiff. such a teddy bear! I have a pekingese too :smile:
  14. It's OK! I think Swedish Fish are the only candy that I actually like.
  15. i just got back from seeing Click at the movies and had gummy bears and popcorn:amazed: .