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  1. After a lengthy negotiation for a twiggy, I backed out of the deal after finding out the bag is from a recently deceased family member. :crybaby:Well, I'm Chinese, and our lunar new year is in a few days, call me superstitious, but I just don't feel comfortable with it......

    I'm feeling so guilty about backing out, so bring it out girls, tell me I've made a mistake.
  2. I'm Chinese too, and although I believe in some superstitions, others I ignore.

    Bottomline is: if it matters to you, then you made the right choice.

    Just so you know, I wouldn't buy a bag from a deceased family member either... but that's just my personal preference.
  3. I wouldn't either.. and im chinese... haha
  4. I get where your coming from, but every Balenciaga needs a good home!!!

  5. So true.

    I'm conflicted. I want to say that I wouldn't mind (or would mind just a little), but I think I'd mind.

    Can't help but mind.
  6. Well...I am turning fifty tomorrow and staring mortality right in the eyes. I worry. Being single and childless causes me to fret over issues of considerable substance: such as...Who will get wear jewelry? My Bal bags? Oh dear...I only hope that SOMEH tOW my pretties land with a gorgeous classy lady; or a dapper gentleman who values them and can bask in the feelings of indulgence that these goodies have brought me. Horrors...What if my Bals were to up with someone who did not 'know'? Now THAT would cause me grief in the grave. So this is another way to look at it. If everyone were of the same mind as you, what would become of lovelies? that have lost their mistress or mister? How very tragic that would be.
  7. This might make you feel better. Growing up my father sells (and still sells) antiques. I would work in his shops and auctions during the summers. Alot of people will say that it is from their "dearly beloved great aunt" or whatever, so the item will also have a sentimental value, as well as monetary value, to the seller and there-for making it hard to part with, or wanting it's next owner to take good care of it, etc. Not saying it's the case, but I've seen alot of people fall for it. It might help you feel better if anyone ever says that about an item. :smile:
  8. Oh! October! To extrapolate my thesis beyond jewelry and Bal bags is only natural! What if folks would never buy ANYTHING that had been owned by someone who has departed this earth? There would be no such thing as an antique market!
  9. I understand your point, Donna, I think I'll pass on my jewelry and bags to friends and relatives before I move on...... It's just that the Chinese isn't even supposed to utter the word "death" or anything related to it in the new year and the period following the lunar new year. I think certain things are fine, such as books, or antiques, things that won't come into close everyday contact, but a purse is so personal, I mean I treat them as my pets :P

    Oh well, what's done is done. To that seller Ms. D out there, sorry for all the hassle, and hope you find a good home for the bal.
  10. It sucks to have to back out of a deal, whatever the reason, but it would be worse to go through with a transaction because you would have felt bad or guilty if you didn't. You would never be able to enjoy the bag. If you have your reason(s), then you did the right thing. Hopefully the seller understands.
  11. Hmmm, I could if it was coming from someone I loved. But definately not from a stranger....So totally understand you and would do the same.
  12. I won't buy it too Seahorse.
  13. Any bad juju associated with personal items sucks, i've gotten rid of things cause they remind me of certain things, I've also kept certain good look items even though it is well past their time (I'm looking at you, favorite t-shirt), because of the good luck surrounding the item. So i understand completely, when i was a kid, i hated used clothes, like hand-me-downs and vintage, cause i always thought of the owner before and that always led me to think of death. but now practically all i wear is vintage. Any doubt in an object will snowball into a "thing", best to avoid it completely. start fresh!:tup:
  14. I'm Chinese too and will celebrating the lunar new year in a few days, but I wouldn't care much if the bag belonged to a deceased person if I really loved it. Death is just a way of life and we all have to come to it one day. The bag is just an object. It doesn't mean that if you carried it something bad will happen to you.

    That's just my opinion. But if it really matters to you, then you've made the right decision cos it'll prob end up in the back of your wardrobe, which is a total waste for a lovely BBag.
  15. I don't think i'd buy someone's (and that someone has passed away!) bbag too. if it bothers you, there's no way it's going to ever stop bothering you... and i'm sure you were supposed to pay a significant amount of money for it. i think it's a good decision. don't buy something that you know will make you think twice in the end:smile:

    there's always a bbag that will make everything fall into place :P (doesn't that just sound like love?)