1. I have a men's black WE and love it but was longing for a strap, so I took a strap off another tote and have been using it. the hardware matches, and actually picks up the silver nicely. it works great! horrible of me?!?! :crybaby:
  2. I want to see a pic!
  3. ditto!
  4. I've actually been thinking about doing the same thing! I'm getting a black city and I want a longer strap so I can wear it messenger-style. I'm having trouble finding a strap with hardware that will match though. What bag is your strap from?
  5. OMG! LOL
    can't wait to see pics :yahoo:
  6. Phew! I'm glad I'm not going to be thrown off the forum! I usually use the straps over my shoulder (it is a men's WE) and the strap tucked in but sometimes when shopping it is easier to wear messenger style <<-- it works great for this.

    To tell the truth I'm not sure how it looks ON ME this way, but the bag looks pretty good, mostly because of the silver hardware on the strap ends I think.

    It's not the best strap, but it works. It's from an Anne Klein tote that we use as a carryone sometimes.

    I wish I coudl post pics, right not the computer with the camera stuff on it has a virus and cannot be booted up! Plus I need to get a new host on then net. You can't upload pics here directly, right?
  7. ^^Yes, you can upload pics here. Scroll down until you see the "manage attachments" field.. So, what did you attach the strap to, the hardware beneath the handles? I wanna see too!