Confession to make about my new Chloe...

  1. I just bought and received my first silverado in muscade. i was soo excited to get it, but when i opened it, it just wasn't right! even though i knew the dimensions, the bag seems HUGE and i guess i was really looking for the smaller version. the Silverado S Bag? it would be a great travel bag, but i was really wanting it for everyday, and the size just isn't right for that i dont think. the place i got it from doesn't do returns, so i'd either have to sell it and lose some money, or just use it for travel and/or special occasions? but is it worth all that money if i only use it some of the time? i'm feeling really bummed about this :sad:

    have any of you had this happen? or just feel like commenting anyway? please give me any and all advice, i don't know what to do! thanks ladies:yes:
  2. Hi. Which one was it. Can you post pictures?

  3. Ouch that hurts to read. Sorry about the no return policy I hope the price was really good because of that? Can you use the bag for work stuff (along with travel)? If not there is always eBay......

    When I shop on the internet I always have a cloth tape measure near by, just to get a 'perspective' on an item's size. That cheap implement has saved me lots of money.

    You may have to eat the Silverado but I have also found that today's disaster can turn into tomorrow's dream! IOW I grow to love/use the piece and it's an unexpected surprise:smile: .
  4. green eggs - i don't have my camera right now so i can't post pics of the one i have, but here's the link to the exact same bag from

    susie - thanks for the input! you know, i do have a measuring tape, but it just seemed so large and in charge IRL! lol i don't know what happened? i definitely can use it for travel and things like that, but for the money i'd rather have one i can use all the time and one i'm in love with - decisions decisions!:girlsigh:
  5. It is a gorgeous color and since it's discontinued you shouldn't have any problems selling her on eBay :yes:
  6. I love the large silverado, but it isn't for everyone. It really is a 20" long bag, while the traditional medium is about 16.5". The mini that was produced from time to time was smaller. I think you will be able to sell it. One thing I would say, before you get rid of it, is that a python bag is soft and squishy and pliable, and will not feel as bulky as a heavy leather bag.

    OOPS! Sorry, I thought you got a python large. I admit the large leather does seem big.
  7. For $597 plus shipping and/or customs -
    You will at worst break even on eBay