Confession time.

  1. Don't they say that the first part of curing an addiction is saying you have a problem? Well, ladies, here is my confession.

    I have bought so many MJ bags (and 2 wallets) in the past month or so, it's scary. Yes, I got great great deals on them but still.

    I just put my credit cards in a bowl of water and they are now in the freezer. I'm going to remove all of my credit cards from Paypal.

    No more bags. None. I know I said this before, but I mean it this time. We have a trip to Costa Rica coming up in Feburary - not to mention Christmas - so I just can't do it. I have enough bags to keep me happy through spring.

    Please please help me on this one. I need support! :ban:
    I know it's crazy and I was a bit out of control, but I know if anyone understands, it is here. Be tough on me! :smile:

    Whew. Okay. Thanks for listening.
  2. Be strong Dawn!! I like your approach of freezing your credit cards!:P I can empathize completely. There's times I feel like I'm overdoing it too but I always justify it since handbags is truly my only luxury. But you're right, Christmas is almost here and we all probably need to hold back a little! Hang in there!!
  3. Aww, thanks. I can honestly say that handbags are also my ONLY luxury. I buy my clothes at Target and Old Navy, and my shoes are usually Aerosoles. :smile: So I guess it *could* be worse, but I'm glad to try to get a handle on it now.

    Thanks so much.:heart:
  4. I have to wear mostly comfortable shoes too since I'm a schoolteacher. My shoe wardrobe consists mostly of Clarks and Merrells! So boring...LOL:lol:

    What we can hope for now is that we'll both gets A LOT of Christmas money and we can buy ourselves new bags!!:yes:
  5. You can do it Dawn! Be strong and set a date for when your ban ends...then you'll have something to look forward to!
    Have fun in Costa Rica!

    p.s. I'm wearing Crocs today, so I'm with you on the whole "ugly shoes" thing!
  6. I hope the bowl wasn't glass... ;)
  7. wow, thats one clever way to put your credit cards on hold....
  8. hahahaha... Ya, i've never heard that before... but knowing me, I'd have to put them in something to cover up the numbers... I'd be looking through the ice for the #'s.. you can still shop online! ;)
  9. Good job! At least you have the first step down, admitting you have an addiction. Freezing the CCs is a great idea!

    I think what worked for me is realizing that you have to be happy with what you have. By now, since you have so many bags, you probably have most of what you wanted. Anything more at this point is excessive. If you see something you want, just remember what you already have.

    This has worked for me now, 30 days into my ban... hoping that I can go for much longer!

    Crossing my fingers for you! Stand strong! And keep those CC's out of sight!
  10. Hang in there Dawn and thithi!!
    I need to put myself on a ban too...2 MJ's and a wallet:ban:. I think that what I have will keep me happy until after the holidays...since I need to spend on friends and loved ones from here on end:angel:
  11. Thanks everyone!

    Luna - it was a plastic tupperware kind of thing. hehe. I can't see the credit card numbers at all and I didn't write them down and I don't have them that helps too! I got the idea from a credit card commercial (debt reduction, go figure) and the lady had frozen her cc in a big block of ice and was trying to get at the credit card. lol.

    marclover - thanks - we've been planning this vacation for a long time...I can't wait!

    Thithi - thank you for your support and good luck on your ban too!!!

    Eisse - yeah, I need to focus on everyone else for Christmas, and I am more than 3/4 finished w/Christmas shopping! YAY!
  12. Stay strong! I salute you!
  13. i think i need to do this too! LOL! i wish you the very best of luck and hope you have a great trip!
  14. i need to too!

    but i'm afraid i have my CC# memorized. the expiration date and CRV code too. *sigh*
  15. I thought about giving my hubby my credit card after I bought a gorgeous ring today. So I totally understand! Good luck and stay strong!