Confession time: So sorry I've cheated...

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  1. H black octogone clutch....
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  3. +1
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  4. Fendi peekaboo

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  5. Balenciaga HG bag, a first season (2001) caribou flat brass First in perfect condition...

  6. That is lovely. The leather is incredible.
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  7. Thanks, it really is something special.
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  8. Stunning!
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  9. Wow! What an extraordinary bag! Magnificent! :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
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  10. Thanks ladies!
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  11. Lucky duck! :loveeyes:
  12. Thanks!
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  13. My first Fendi, a Spy hobo...

  14. Arrrgh, you’re killing me!!!
    Where do you find all these gorgeous bags?
    It’s like you’re a beautiful bag magnet!
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  15. Obsessive searching :lol:.
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