Confession time: So sorry I've cheated...

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  1. Coach smooth leather duffle in saddle with ombre touches top and base...
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  2. DH ran into a cool SA because he found me this gift. Alaia bracelet bag, a perfect clutch alternative.

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  3. Octogone clutch but BV espadrilles & earrings.....
  4. Ooooh. that is gorgeous. Brand?
  5. It’s Hermès. It reminds me of origami.
  6. YUM!!!
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  7. Its quite roomy for a clutch. It even holds more that a Lauren, although if I could breed them and make an octogone with Intrecciato weaving, it would be my perfect offspring!
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  8. Well it is really lovely!!!
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  9. I've been cheating a lot lately. My first Goyard :heart:...

  10. I love Goyard. What style is that? It’s lovely.
  11. Thanks, the style is called Grenadines.
  12. I have always been curious about Goyard. I think I equating them with LV coated canvas, not leather, turned me off. But so many people seem to like them. What do you find attractive and useful about this brand?
  13. It’s virtually weightless!
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  14. They ARE very light. I really love the pattern and colours. I don't know the composition of LV but Goyard is hemp, linen and cotton. I think it has a richer look than LV but that's just my opinion. It's not cozy smooshy like leather though. Mine still requires some breaking in I think, I'd be very curious to hear from others as to how soft the non-leather gets with time. It would benefit from an interior pocket of some sort, there's nothing. But that just means one more small M/U bag for lippies and things, not a deal-breaker for me. DH liked it immediately. Super easy to find things in as the lining is linen-coloured. Since it's not a as smooshy (yet?) as leather the sides maintain a bit more structure so again easier to find stuff. Again, not really that familiar with LV so I can't compare but I think Goyard is as close to leather-looking as you'd get for a non-leather product. Very sharp-looking bag IMO.
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  15. Are they pretty durable? Not that I have EVER worn out a bag, lol.