Confession time: So sorry I've cheated...

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  1. #2881 Feb 27, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
    This bag caught me off guard.
    A week ago DH and I got stuck in aweful traffic. We decided to stop for lunch and discount shopping at the local outlet mall off the highway, just happened to be the same outlet mall where I bought my first gateway Coach bag. To relive the moment from way back when I decided to have a look in the Coach store. WOW Bravo Coach, nice stuff! I love love love my new 1941 Studded Oxblood Rogue bag. :loveeyes: 96DB5CDE-2DA0-4741-8CCF-27872B852DF5.jpeg
  2. Great fan of Hobos myself.

    Although some Totes I have seen recently have a lot going for them.
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  3. .
  4. I love this! It’s Coach? Looks like I need to visit.
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  5. I have been away from Coach for a while, like 20 years or so :lol:, but when I saw this bag at the store, I fell for it. I bought the Dark Denim one, with a delicious yellow suede lining! I love the studs and color of yours:love:
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  6. I would say yes you do! The bag is super functional too, a bit heavy, but I tend to overload. I’m pretty sure I would like to find the plain black Rogue tote lined in marigold suede with whipstitching on the handles. Thanks for the feedback :heart:
  7. Oh my, yours sounds just stunning, enjoy. I love the oxblood with the studs so much I feel the need for another Rouge in a different color. :P
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  8. IMG_4943.JPG
    My small Loewe Puzzle in tan... A newbie in my office admired it and she was surprised that the bag is almost 4 years old - still look amazing...
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  9. I've always loved the structural aesthetic of this bag. Yours look amazing, especially in Tan which shows off the design so well.
  10. I recently cheated and got myself 2 Loewe Puzzles and am thinking of getting the third.

    I have always wanted one but refrained from getting it because of the smooth calf leather. And then I saw this on Tradesy and couldn’t resist anymore. IMG_1398.JPG
  11. I have never appreciated any purses in tan until I saw a tan Puzzle. Their tan is truly versatile - not too brown, not too orange, just perfect!
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  12. This color combi is beautiful! I've always thought the Loewe Puzzle to be an interesting design but often wondered about the opening. Do you find it easy to get in and out?
  13. Pretty easy - easier than the BV Nodini but not as easy as the Bella.

    For reference purpose, my iPad Pro has a difficulty going in.

    The small is surprising spacious.
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  14. Thank you for sharing. Time to check it out when I head to town.
  15. This is really a beautiful bag! I love that tan color. I‘m considering to buy a Mulberry small Bayswater in Oak. The color is similar to yours I think!?
    Enyou your beautiful Loewe!