Confession time: So sorry I've cheated...

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  1. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing her in about six months, the leather is already soft but I think it'll be really slouchy after some use.
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  2. BEA1DBCD-2D85-4468-A18A-6192F393BE35.jpeg
    Longchamp club SSH in bilberry and cross body in ivory dandy print.
  3. Beautiful bilberry! The ivory is an interesting neutral.
  4. It’s interesting that longchamp calls it ivory because the leather flap and strap are a really pale pink. I’m thinking they’re referring to the background color of the print and not the leather.
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  5. I’ve wanted this bag for some time but didn’t want to pay full price. Found this in excellent condition from Ann’s FF. I can’t believe it’s from 2013. Balenciaga papier A4.

    Not completely cheating today. Wearing these lovelies IMG_0540.JPG
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  6. excellent choice!! :tup:
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  7. I agree. I was looking at the zipper pouch in the other color, Fig. But your mini crossbody made me rethink my decision. The lighter color is definitely more refreshing.

    Truly an edgy ensemble! Love it!
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  8. I figured it would be great for spring and summer, but what the heck, it works now, too! I’m normally not a pink person, but something about it that caught my eye.
    Now I’m trying to decide between the small/medium long handle or the LLH. Had my hands on the LLH yesterday but believe it or not, there was not a salesperson to be found in the handbag dept at Nordstrom, granted it’s a smaller store, but still .... so I walked away. And I felt it was sooo big. I usually use the LLH for travel carry-on or road trips and the sm/med for daily use. I need to decide very soon if I want the sm/med. today I’m leaning toward the LLH. LOL
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  9. The print reminded me of traditional peranakan titles which I love. Hence, the thought to get something in it. Usually, I deter from light colors but I must say I'm starting to think about the MLH ever since I saw your pic... even though I try not to get printed bags.

    Depends on what you will like to use it for. I enjoy the size of the MLH, perfect for daily use. Plus, a printed bag in a smaller size looks less busy perhaps?
  10. You’re right! Peranakan tiles.
    I don’t mind light bags but I usually feel better about it if I can lightly clean it.
    I could see using the small daily and using the large as a carry on which is why I keep going back and forth. Yes, less busy but the pattern is small enough that it’s not terribly busy. Argh, decisions.
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  11. Today I have cheated with my LV Parnassea Alma. It’s made in Clemence leather like Hermes bags.
    I love the Alma since so many years, it‘s my favorite bag from LV.
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  12. My sentiments exactly!
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  14. Wow. This bag is beautiful. My favourite type; black, shiney, squidgy.
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  15. You are forgiven!
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