Confession time: So sorry I've cheated...

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  1. That’s exactly what I was thinking re testing :tup:
  2. Definitely consistent. I think it is wonderful to have an alternative brand offering a different vibe and that you enjoy as much as BV.
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  3. :biggrin: thank you, my dear A!! :flowers:
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  4. My Arayla petite Harlow is riding shotgun...
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  5. Test-driving my classic Harlow, I love this bag! fullsizeoutput_3fd.jpeg fullsizeoutput_401.jpeg
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  6. Wonderful that it is working out so well for you!
  7. Thanks, it's a very functional bag with great leather :heart:.
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  8. Two important ticks checked.
  9. And a very good strap drop (check that box as well!)
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  10. Yahoo! Happy for u!
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  11. :hugs:
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  12. Another departure from the usual Bal/BV purchases...Coach Bandit 39. Much less expensive but very nice for the price point.
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  13. I have seen and been tempted by this bag. The leather is really thick and sumptuous! And the style is classic.... nice one!

    For me unfortunately it is too heavy given I lug a lot of things around in my work bag...
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  14. On an average day I don’t carry that much, I could actually carry a smaller bag but the smalls always seem just a bit smaller than I’d like.
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  15. I was very tempted by this bag too! Almost bought it when it first came out. I love the leather, and hobos are my thing! Yours is beautiful. Congrats.
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