Confession time: So sorry I've cheated...

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  1. You look so chic my dear
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  2. IMG_4452.JPG
    My small oxblood Mulberry bays.... I loooove the grained leather and the English classic feel of this bag. I am really on a mission to rotate my small bags more.
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  3. I've purchased two bags from a US company called Arayla (found a thread on tPF about them and liked what I saw). Just got them an hour ago so here goes...
    Very nicely constructed bags.The petite Harlow in Havana is a stiffer leather due to the different process (vegetable dyed) and is one of those bags where you can just see it getting better and better as it breaks in. Pliable enough now but the leather, already lovely, will be gorgeous once its all soft and smooshy. Well finished, well lined, sturdy hardware. Great front pocket with a strong magnet close. I can carry it on the shoulder by the existing strap although I'd like about three inches more drop (I'll probably get most of that as she softens). Great shoulder strap, really well-made weight distributor which I'll have to take off as I have narrow shoulders and they never work for me. Beautiful bag, very pleased, I'd have loved this in the larger size as well.
    The larger black front pocket like the smaller one as its a first gen bag (sample sale) but a perfect size and the strap is a perfect length. Totally different feel to the leather than my Bals or BVs, nice and thick and chewy but with a slightly grippy? feel to the leather, not a slippery finish at all, hard to describe but I really like it. It'll be interesting to see how it wears.
    The linings in both bags are well done. Good-sized slip pockets (yay!) and a back zip pocket, everything finished nicely. Both bags carry on the shoulder very comfortably.
    One thing, I'd have preferred the tassels to be double-sided so both sides of each tassel is finished, similar to Balenciaga tassels. But it's a small point. I can't speak to wear yet, obviously, but based on what I see so far I'd recommend the brand. Great price point as well IMO.
    If anyone is interested here's the thread...they also do bespoke bags (option of suede lining on bespoke) and we're working on a group bespoke purchase at a great price.
    I like the fact that it's run by women...
    fullsizeoutput_3d4.jpeg IMG_7190.JPG fullsizeoutput_3d5.jpeg fullsizeoutput_3d6.jpeg fullsizeoutput_3d7.jpeg

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  4. Looks like thick chewy leather that will age well. I like the grain, reminds me of Longchamp's Foulonne leather (the black especially). Always nice to hear about new brands. Thank you for sharing the details of it. Will love to see your bespoke bag once it's in your hands.
  5. I hope I do end up getting one, it'll depend on what style the group ultimately decides on. Anyone can join in!
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  6. Oh! I love these bags. Thank you for the very thorough review! LOVE the leather! Off to look at their website :biggrin:
  7. If you go on the tPF thread I mentioned and look for a recent post by Lenie you’ll see a list of colours we can choose from. If you need help with info regarding the group bespoke PM me! We need a minimum order of nine bags so the more the merrier...
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  8. Love the tan one!!! :drool: :drool:
    leather looks similar to Mulberry (at least on the pics), be careful with watermarks on the tan one ;)
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  9. Oops! i cheated again!
    Balenciaga (yes, i am boringly predictable, or consistent, if you like :biggrin:) Shopper
    (but footwear is always BV!)

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  10. It actually looks cute carried! I never thought I’d say that :lol:.
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  11. Do you think I should spray it?
  12. i carried it on the shoulder, actually it does not stick out too much, it hangs down with the weight of my stuff, and works as a hobo
  13. Mod shot on the shoulder?
  14. i would try on a small hidden area with a drop of water to see how it dries, and take it from there.
    Visual similarity does not necessarily mean textural likeliness ;)
  15. will do tomorrow, today didn't have time (phone was ringing non-stop!! :facepalm:)