Confession time: So sorry I've cheated...

  1. kitkat is so cute!!
  2. Like her mama, Kitkat has bag fetish too. :biggrin:
  3. reminds me of my black kitty, Bear. :biggrin:
  4. OK, here's the 'I've cheated on BV' thread - I'm just bumping it up so I can find it again ...
  5. we have a black cat also (elmo)
    he is always in the bag or the box or whatever is small and cozy
    you can find him hiding there all the time
    I wonder if it is just black cats because or gray cat (smokey) doesn't do it
    maybe elmo is irish and thinks its bag day
    bag day is the day after st patricks day
    if you go into one bar down here the day after all the regulars have bags over their heads
    they call it bag day
    they are so hung over they are "in the bag"
    I never heard of this before I moved here

  6. It's amazing that none of us apparently stray from BVette-land. I am going to be purchasing this clutch wallet in raspberry from Acne Studios today at some point - what do you all think? I love how the wrist strap can be tucked in, and I love the clean look of this piece. CS with Acne has assured me my iPhone will fit inside (that's how she carries hers!). The only thing that would be better if it had a zipper from either side, you know, the 'meet in the middle' kind of thing...
    27B124-K81_B_2.jpg 27B124-K81_C_2.jpg
  7. it looks nice, Indiaink. It seems very useful too :smile: as a wrislet
  8. Great colors! There's a cool company called Rennes Handmade [actually 1 woman -- Julia] ... she has a web site & is based somewhere in the U.S. I've considered purchasing something from her for years, but always get distracted.
  9. I put my handbag down on the table today for a minute
    while I went to take wicky for a walk
    I came back and elmo our black cat was sitting in
    my nero belly veneta
    I thought he would be flying cat but I just yelled and he got out
    just what I need is cat hair in my bag :biggrin:

  10. Update - I did receive this, did not like it, and then found a BV wallet with wrist strap that I like (the looks of) much better - I should have it Wednesday or Thursday... so, I did not stray, after all!
  11. once you have experienced BV you are spoiled
    there is nothing quite as soft as BV nappa leather
  12. It's true! It's as if nothing else will do!
  13. Which explains why this particular thread does not see much use. :smile:

    I hope my new baby gets here tomorrow - I was so hoping for today - why is it that EVERY SINGLE BV ITEM I'VE EVER BOUGHT makes me insane waiting for its arrival? I'd like to know.
  14. 1EK123-900_A___2.jpg
  15. I cheated and I am so happy about it!
    Longchamp Legende for a steal!!